The Showcase; By Navarra

2021 is a new year. Navarra has a new face. And it’s time we show you what we are really made of.

Did someone say ‘food’?

Yes, they did. It’s always about the food at Navarra. With 47 years in the industry, it’s hard to ignore one of the main reasons as to why people choose to host their event with us, organise our external catering or dine at one of our restaurants and bars.

Octopus Winter Seafood Delight

Executive Chef Carlo Staropoli part of the Navarra Venues team will now be bringing you his famous recipes that include how to cook an octopus winter seafood delight and tips on YouTube.

Canapés On The Menu

As a starter canapés on the menu make you feel welcome at any event whether wedding, corporate or social.