SICILY Menu Tasting by Navarra

SICILY Menu Tasting by Navarra

“Oh Sicily,… most beautiful in all the oceans” – M. Iqbal

Come with us, let’s travel to a world of beauty. 

And what better way than by being invited to Navarra’s biggest event of the year, our annual Menu Tasting!

However, there is a twist. This year, we are doing things a little differently. You’re invited to experience the celebration to end all celebrations. With a European sway, and destination feel, we are bringing SICILY to you. From the roots of our hospitality influence, to your plate, it’s time we brought you into the world of Navarra. Authentic experiences brought to life through hospitality. 

A showcase of incredible styling and trends, unique event activations, and importantly, the tasting of our delicious new menu items for the year, it’s time to experience this exclusive occasion for yourself. Witness the works of an event with us, from the skilled banquets and culinary team, to the engaging sales and co-ordination staff, immerse yourself in a breath-taking visual experience. 

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