School Formal Venues Sydney

By Navarra

Stunning venues for school functions of all sizes.


A school year comes with hard efforts, trials, friendships, growth, and many other significant milestones for a young person. As it comes to a close, or as students prepare to graduate, it is only appropriate to celebrate accordingly. 

As your plan the next formal event for your school, working with Navarra can take things to an unbelievable level of luxury and style. We know how to throw an unforgettable event, and catering for high volumes of young people isn’t something we shy away from.

At Navarra, we’re committed to making cherished memories for everyone we work with. We do this through first-class service, catering, and meticulous organisation built for the unique needs of your event. As you plan out your school formal celebrations, let us help you find a stunning Sydney venue to host it in.

No matter how grand or relaxed you’re wanting to make your celebrations, Navarra has the expertise and experience to make it one for the books.


‘Wow’ your students as they walk through the doors of their formal for the first time. Navarra venues are all different, private rooms ready to cater to all sizes and capacities, but the one thing they all have in common is that they are astonishingly gorgeous locations.

With our selection of venues across Sydney, we’re ready to help you find the perfect spot for your school formal – whether it’s a graduation, dance, social event, or anything else you can think of. With five premium venues and over 45 private rooms on offer, we have no doubt that we can provide you with a Sydney school formal venue that your students will be discussing for a long time.


A Navarra formal isn’t just about a prestigious Sydney venue. Bringing your event to us ensures that our team can provide everything necessary for a seamless, enjoyable celebration. Ease the burden of organising a function of this size by letting us handle all the trickier details, and leave it to our world-class team to handle catering, location, set-up, and everything else.

As everybody enjoys their celebrations, the Navarra team will be behind the scenes ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Our standard school formal package includes everything you need to put together an unforgettable social event, such as:

  • Private event room
  • Experienced personalised events producer for all your event needs
  • Designer chairs
  • Dance floors
  • And much more!


If you’re celebrating a momentous occasion in the lives of young people, or you simply want to provide a memorable evening they can look back on fondly in the future, then our LUXE package is a wonderful option.

Navarra has partnered with one of Australia’s leading event creators to bring you an offer like no other. Melissa D’Cruz has been working in planning and styling for over 30 years now, and partnering with Navarra allows you to access her incredible services for your next school formal.

The LUXE package will handle the planning, styling, and full coordination required to plan a luxury event of this size, and no matter the specifics of your event we will ensure that an unforgettable luxury is brought to every single moment.


We’ve organised more than our fair share of events, but no two Navarra celebrations are ever the same. We understand the unique needs and desires of every client, and will aim to tailor your school formal event to make every last detail work best for your school. 

Our premium services are personalised to take into account every preference and requirement you have. No matter the size of your school event or the ages of those attending, we will do everything we can to make every finer aspect of your event run smoothly, cohesively, and just as you like it. Trust us with the tiny details others may look over, because they matter to us.


There’s a reason that Navarra has built a reputation for quality service and utmost style. For over 48 years now, we have been planning and hosting Sydney events, and you can trust in our ability to put together an unforgettable evening for staff and students alike.

We offer far more than incredible venues – our team is here to ease the burden of planning, taking care of everything you need to put on an amazing formal for your school. Every detail we handle will be approached with professionalism, ready to hear you out and create the perfect event to suit your needs.

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With nearly five decades of experience under our belts, the Navarra team is ready to handle all the stress and meticulous planning it takes to host a school formal event. We have the expertise, resources, and capacity to make it a night all students can treasure and look back upon fondly for many years to come. If you’re on the hunt for a gorgeous venue ready to fit any number of excited young people, just one enquiry to Navarra can get things sorted for you. Book a tour through one of our stunning venues today to find the perfect match for your school.