It’s not called WEDnesday for no reason. The word, ‘wed’ is in the name of the day. It must mean something.


It’s not called WEDnesday for no reason. The word, ‘wed’ is in the name of the day. It must mean something.  

For a country that is so far ahead of many others in terms of pioneering and rights, Australia is far behind many of its fellow friends, such as America and the UK, when it comes to one thing. This one thing is weekday weddings.  

Saturdays and Sundays have been idolised as the day to get married on due to the fact that people were more than likely not working on those days. Well, times have changed. Thanks, COVID *not*

With much more flexibility with work days and hours, the trend that has taken over the rest of the world, is getting married on a weekday (meaning on a day between Monday-Friday). With venues already offering more affordable rates per head, and much more availability with days and supplier readiness, the weekdays are seeming to become more and more of a first preference for many in Australia. 

Industry leaders such as Diane Khoury and Wendy El-Khoury have begun pushing weekdays on their social media page. That’s when you know that weekend weddings are so 2019. Diane Khoury stated that “her biggest advice to clients” is that they consider a weekday wedding due to the lack of availability on weekends for the next two years due to postponed weddings. She also shared her oversees clientele and fans respond to her message saying that weekday weddings are a norm in other countries around the world.  


Imagine a Summer wedding. It’s the first week of January and everyone is still on holidays and not at work. It’s a WEDnesday. The sun is shining and it’s your wedding day. Every one of your guests is carefree and happy. All your suppliers were available AND at a discounted rate. You got to spend more on your dress with the money you saved. It’s all perfect. 

Now, stop daydreaming and start booking. You’ll be surprised with the number of weddings now being organised throughout the week. 

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