Top 3 Inspirations for Your Wedding Reception in Sydney

Your wedding is one of the most magical days of your life. So, you want to get every detail right. One of the biggest decisions is choosing the theme.

Top 3 Inspirations for Your Wedding Reception in Sydney

Your wedding is one of the most magical days of your life. So, you want to get every detail right. One of the biggest decisions is choosing the theme. Wedding themes can go in and out of trend, while some remain classic and unchanged. From boho to art-deco, the options are endless. In this article, we will explore the top 3 inspirations for a wedding reception in Sydney.

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Rustic Wedding Reception

Rustic is the most popular wedding theme of 2021. You’re sure to see rustic elements in weddings that you attend this year or next. It is a broad theme that you can take to whatever level you like. Think muted colour palettes and a warm country feeling. 

For the venue, you may pick a barn, warehouse, historic building or an old homestead. There are plenty of options out there. When choosing a wedding venue, always remember capacity and climate. Capacity being how many people you need to seat. Climate being the weather; do you need cover and temperature control?

The rustic reception theme brings about calm, relaxed energy. You may choose to have a large charcuterie board instead of a sit-down meal. You could have hay bales with cosy blankets instead of chairs. Drinks may be served in mason jars. It is an informal laid-back kind of theme. 

The Horses Head is an exclusive cocktail bar with rustic vibes, making for the perfect rustic wedding reception in Sydney’s CBD. It boasts a beautiful rooftop space while maintaining a cosy feeling. For something even more intimate you may like The Cellars. It has moody ambient lighting and a stunning wrought iron wine display. 

Outdoor Garden Wedding Reception

Outdoor weddings have been popular for many years but the pandemic certainly brought them to the forefront. Being outdoors can be picaresque and relaxing. Just be sure to have a wet-weather plan. 

In Australia, beach weddings are certainly a popular outdoor venue choice. People don’t have to hobble around in high heels at a beach wedding which is certainly a plus. Beautiful gardens, vineyards and rooftops are also popular. 

Outdoor weddings are often casual affairs. They can also be elaborate depending on the venue. Being outdoors gives you free rein for seating, dancing and eating. You can decide exactly what layout you want and how fancy you want to go. 

Oatlands House has four outdoor setting options all in one place. The Enchanted Garden is an intimate sunny space with warm sandstone. The Rose Garden has a French Chateau feeling and is fantastic for a grand wedding. If you are craving that romantic Mediterranean vibe then check out Oatlands Chateau. Of course, we can’t forget the classic vineyard setting, a beautiful space filled with greenery.

Vintage Wedding Reception

Vintage weddings became popular a few years back and it seems to be a trend that’s sticking around. You can draw simple inspiration from times past. Or go all-in on a certain time period; the roaring ’20s is certainly a popular choice.  

Planning a vintage wedding reception is fun, there are no wrong ways of doing it. You can go op-shopping to find unique pieces, instead of spending thousands on new things. Think weathered wooden seats and flowers tied with brown twine.

For transportation, you may opt for some classic old cars or a vintage tram. Your clothing can also reflect the vintage theme. Grey suits, paisley pocket squares and intricate lace dresses. Your makeup and hair can be made to look classic or reflect your chosen time period. There really are endless options when it comes to the vintage theme.

Curzon Hall is filled with beautiful vintage rooms, from intimate to grand settings it has everything covered. If you are planning a 1920’s speakeasy wedding reception in Sydney then check out Le Montage and Bookmakers Bar

Make your Wedding Memorable with Navarra Venues

Choosing a theme can be a daunting task. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Think about what best reflects you and your partner. What places in the world do you love the most? Are there any movies which you’ve seen a hundred times or favourite books? Are there certain colours that you absolutely love? Is there a place or object that holds sentimental value? All of these questions can help you decide what theme will suit you best. 

Planning your wedding can be a stressful time. It’s best to tackle one task at a time and not let it overwhelm you. At Navarra, we’re here to help, call us to discuss your special day.

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