Tale Old As Time, Proposal True As It Can Be

Once Upon a Time, there was a young man who wished to propose to his princess. The brief: Beauty and The Beast. 

Tale Old As Time, Proposal True As It Can Be

Once Upon a Time, there was a young man who wished to propose to his princess. The brief: Beauty and The Beast. 

When given a fairytale brief from his beloved son, there was only one place that John Emmanuel thought of as the perfect location: Curzon Hall. The large sandstone castle sits majestically on acres of manicured landscapes, radiating fantasy and romance. The newly renovated foyer embraces large marbled floor tiles and its elegant newly laid carpet running up the impressive stairwell – bringing novelty and freshness to the history within its walls. Curzon Hall was the answer to a classic dream that’s been brought back to life. 

The sun shone down on the castle, as the waters of the entry fountain warmed up enough to keep the bellbirds content. One by one, John Emmanuel and his team arrived in preparation of his son’s magical proposal. Hundreds of perfect red roses were transported to the foyer, as the sweet scent floated throughout the castle. The day began in the crisp morning, as the team of Floral Godmothers worked their magic on The Grand Foyer. Hours of attention to detail, and a whole lot of love, meant for the transformation bound to delight. Floral arrangements of fresh red roses adorned the sides of the staircase, as they fell to the white marbled floors. The grand piano sat gracefully to the side as it too hosted an unstructured rose arrangement that cascaded to the ground decorated with warm-lit candles and standing chandeliers. The ideally placed square dining table sat wonderfully in the space, allowing for large velvet black chairs to sit along its perimeter. The centre of the table was decorated with vases of red roses, as tapered candles peaked between on a bed of rose petals. 

As the sun set, the castle lit up. Dozens of warm candles and chandeliers glowed softly over the lush red roses whilst the whole family awaited the big moment. Silence soon fell upon Curzon Hall. In this moment, the pianist and violinist started to play the soft and inviting tune of Beauty & The Beast, sending goosebumps to those present. 

Soon after, Julian, the young prince, entered the Grand Foyer with his princess Daniella in hand. Leading her to the base of the staircase, Julian got on one knee and asked his love to marry him. Once the overwhelming surprise had begun to settle, Daniella gave her sweet reply, a soft ‘Yes’, before embracing her prince. 

A perfect proposal fit for royalty (floral royalty that is) at Curzon Hall. Congratulations to Julian, Daniella, John Emmanuel and family for your happily ever after. Start your fairytale here.

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