Romantic Bridal Dress 2020 Trends

You are loved and feel truly alive with every romantic inclination running through your body.

Romantic Bridal Dress 2020 Trends

You are loved and feel truly alive with every romantic inclination running through your body. Romantic bridal dress 2020 trends have reverted to simple classics. Choosing a suitable wedding dress that will suit your style and character is one of the most important parts of the whole wedding process.

Romantic bridal dresses are on the cards for your special moment and you have an array of dresses to view whether on Pinterest or your favourite book marked magazine. What will catch your eye? A new year calls for new trends and 2020 is taking a step back. The last few years saw the wedding industry grow and boom into a world of extravagant affairs and dresses that stood out from miles away.

On social media brides used to choose dresses with more beading, diamonds, lace… it was more of everything. Now it is a refreshing thought to know that less is officially more as the romantic bridal 2020 trends are being reviewed.

It is time to show off your curves and add simple romantic classic touches like a plain veil over an embroided gown. How beautiful will you feel in this dress?

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We also looked to our favourite Australian Bridal designer Steven Khalil to show us what to expect this year.

Just Enough Poof

Stripping it back means every aspect of the dress should be simple. This even refers to the shape. Every lady wants to wear her princess-white ball gown on her big day. After all, it’s the only day you can get away with it! Why not make the most of it and live out your romantic fairy tale dream wedding.

This year many brides will opt for a dress that only slightly comes out from the hips to create a textured gown without the oversized “poof” that may look more extravagant, but only adds to logistical issues on the day. This elegant style allows the bride to feel like one, without looking overdone or uncomfortable.

Straight and Elegant

There is nothing more feminine than the female form and what shows this off more than a dress that falls to compliment these shapes. This timeless and elegant take of a dress is bound to stand the test of time. Keep in mind ladies, this style needs to be the right fit to have that “WOW” factor. If you buy off the rack, ensure this gown is tailored to your body for maximum effect.

Don’t be shy to play around with the top half of your dress and experiment with different shapes to best suit you. Whether it is thin straps, strapless or long sleeved, make sure you are comfortable with your overall design because if you are comfortable you will be able to converse with your guests and enjoy your day without having to worry about your dress the whole time.

White is the New White

In 2018 and 2019 brides experimented with colour for their wedding gown. This year will be the year we see new brides keep it traditional and take it back to the truest form of white. Keeping it simple and elegant will ensure timeless brides rather than the trendy bride. If you did wish to include details to which will set your dress apart why not try including silver or gold embellishments that could take your dress go from drab to fab. You want all eyes on you and just those few extra touches will turn heads.

Whether you opt for the big gown or the straight fit, keep it tight in white ladies. Timeless, classic and stripped back is where wedding dresses are headed for in 2020. Which dress will you choose? Send some photos to me after your wedding day and I will be sure to add your photo to our Real Weddings page.

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