Engagement Party Etiquette 101 (A Quick Guide)

So, you’ve just gotten engaged and wondering what to do next? Well, firstly, congratulations! It is such a wonderful and exciting time so don’t forget to enjoy it.

Engagement Party Etiquette 101 (A Quick Guide)

So, you’ve just gotten engaged and wondering what to do next? Well, firstly, congratulations! It is such a wonderful and exciting time so don’t forget to enjoy it. Spend a few months revelling in that love and joy before planning your engagement party. There is no need to rush things (unless you want to). At Navarra Venues, we have plenty of great venues to host an engagement party, check them out

In this article, we will discuss engagement party etiquette. We will answer all your questions from who, what, where, and when. 

Do I Need an Engagement party?

Simply put, no you do not. In the process of preparing for your wedding don’t forget that it is about you and your partner. There is no need to feel pressured to follow certain traditions or engagement party etiquette. You can tailor-make your wedding and all the celebrations in between to suit you and your fiancé. 

When Should I Throw my Engagement Party?

If you do decide to throw an engagement party, you might be wondering when. Well, there is no specific answer. Traditionally it will be two to four months after becoming engaged. However, you may wish to throw a smaller celebration sooner. It can be nice to throw a low-key family function to announce the news. 

You can throw a larger party later on if you wish. There is no specific engagement party etiquette when it comes to timing. Don’t forget to enjoy the engagement. Take your time and do what suits you. 

Who Should Host My Engagement Party?

This all depends on the family and where you are located. Traditional engagement party etiquette would say one of the parents of the bride or groom throws the party. This isn’t always possible. Sometimes you may live in different states or countries. You may want to take the reins and do it yourself. It’s up to you and your situation. 

You may decide to host multiple engagement parties to accommodate all the family. If this is the case, make sure you only invite people to one or the other. There is no need to invite everyone to both. 

If you are planning on a low-key wedding or an elopement, you may wish to throw a more extravagant engagement party. You may even be planning a surprise wedding at your engagement party. So, consider all the variables when deciding who should throw it. 

Who Should be at My Engagement Party?

Standard engagement party etiquette would have everyone you invite to the engagement party also be invited to your wedding. If you are planning a smaller wedding, then make sure your engagement party guests know. This will avoid disappointment when not all guests receive an invitation to the wedding. 

When making a guest list for your engagement party make sure to invite an adequate amount of people from both sides of the family. You don’t want it to feel like a one-sided affair. Of course, this may not always be possible if one person’s family lives predominantly elsewhere. 

Where Can I Throw my Engagement Party?

It is custom to throw your engagement party at one of the parents’ houses. However, this is the 21st century and a lot of those customs are evolving. Couples often opt to hire a venue. This can take a lot of the planning pressure away as the venues will often have drinks and meal packages.

At Navarra Venues we have venues for any type of party. We have bars in Sydney CBD and beautiful estates in the countryside. We can accommodate anything. 

Make Your Engagement Party Memorable

It is easy to get lost in all the planning that goes into a wedding. So, let this be a reminder to take a step back, breath, and enjoy it. This is a once in a lifetime event, so don’t rush it. Enjoy each step and create some great memories with your fiancé. The engagement party is such an exciting celebration. Take the time to celebrate with your family and friends. 

If you’d like to know more about what we offer at Navarra Venues then give us a call.

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