Dancing on the Big Day

One of the most fun elements in many weddings is the dance, dancing on your big day.

Dancing on the Big Day

One of the most fun elements in many weddings is the dance, dancing on your big day, where you will see couples either go for more of a traditional dance or where they break out in something heavily choreographed sometimes involving the bridal party.

Your wedding day is something that will linger on in people’s minds long after it comes to an end. Heavily photographed and video recorded it will be talked about for years to come. Please remember that if you decide to do something that is totally embarrassing that it will not be forgotten too easily.  Whatever you decide choose wisely is the best advise anyone can give!

Depending on the theme of your wedding there will be an order for brides and grooms to follow. At a traditional wedding usually after the introduction of the bride and groom and then the wedding party once everyone is seated and enjoying the well planned dinner. This is the time for the bride and groom to be given the spotlight. Guests look forward to a couple’s first dance as newlyweds. Now more than ever due to new restrictions put in place about the couple only permitted to dance on the dance floor guests will want you to entertain them with this romantic moment so really do try and enjoy centre stage. Do away with your nerves and be grateful that you were able to have your wedding day.

Dance Lessons the go?

You can definitely go down the path of getting dance lessons and seeing that ballroom dancing has re-surfaced as one of the more popular options now would be a good time to book those lessons. Go down the path of making it a bit fun for the both of you as there are many dance schools that specialise in pre-wedding lessons with packages to suit.

A good idea when attending private lessons or a local dance studio if you do not have the budget is to discuss with a professional dance teacher the song that will be played during the first dance. They will be able to give you some tips on the best type of dance to compliment the tempo and style of your song.

Your style and adding a video/virtual element

The style of dance is totally open to you as a couple and even though the basic waltz is the more traditional route it is by no means the only dance style. You can choose more of a hip hop style or a raunchy rumba even the tango if you are more adventurous! Remember you are centre stage and talk to your guests with your chosen dance style.

It is certainly not compulsory to dance on your wedding day if you are not confident. In this instance you can choose to sway backwards and forwards for a few minutes and then inform the MC that your entertainment for the night will take over. You can also decide to film your performance prior to the wedding day if you are groomsmen or bridesmaids at home. Ask your venue to set up screens on the dance floor and voila no coronavirus transmissions but you still get to do exactly what you dreamed on the day. If you are overseas and want to perform with the bride and groom you can be zoomed in from the comfort of your home. As they say where there is a will there is a way.

Most importantly do not get caught up in trying to perfect everything, this is the time to have a bit of fun and really share your moment as a newly wedded couple. This is a celebration! Everyone who has come to your wedding are part of that celebration even if they have to remain seated due to coronavirus restrictions. Dancing is about feeling the music and getting your audience to feel the excitement, love and true joy of your special day via your few minutes of dancing on the dance floor. Put your groove on and dance away.

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