5 Fabulous Ideas for Your Luxury Wedding Venue

Planning your wedding is like starting a job for the first time. You don't know if you're getting it right or if there's an easier way to do it, but you follow what feels right.

5 Fabulous Ideas for Your Luxury Wedding Venue

Planning your wedding is like starting a job for the first time. You don’t know if you’re getting it right or if there’s an easier way to do it, but you follow what feels right. It’s not a process that you repeatedly do, and you’re able to improve on. So it can sometimes feel like a bit of a puzzle to piece together. Luckily, you can lean on the experience of others and take heed of advice in your planning. While making sure the focus stays on you and your preferences, ideas can help you plan your perfect wedding.

Finding the perfect luxury wedding venue is likely to be high on your list, and there’s a lot to choose from. You’ll need to consider the venues size, location and style to make sure it’s suitable to host your party. With the venue playing a vital role in the success of your day, it’s a decision that you can feel pressured to get right. Navarra Venues have helped countless couples find their dream luxury wedding venues. So, in this article, we thought we’d share some theme ideas to help you choose yours.

Banquet Hall

Banquet halls can often host your full wedding from ceremony, cocktails and reception. This can make it much easier for your planning efforts. Many luxury banquet halls have a grandiosity style, and others have a more casual style. Elegant table settings, crystal chandeliers and ornate ceilings are not uncommon. They also usually come with an in-house catering team. Couples can find that Banquet halls offer a stress-free day where they can thread dancing, mingling and eating into one extended activity. Banquet halls are great for large-sized weddings with bigger guest counts.

For example, this Grand Bouquet Room offers a sensational experience wherever your eyes wander. There’s a sense of freedom as you walk under the eight-meter tall ornate ceilings that hold crystal chandeliers. An abundance of light shines into the hall through stained glass windows supported by period arches. Then, as you celebrate your love via the dancefloor, you’ll be waltzing on marble and heritage tiles original to the building. The Banquet Hall allows you to live your federation era dream.

Winery and Vineyard

Nature, wine and the Australian heat are hard to turn away from. It’s easy to see why winery venues often prevail among many couples celebrating their love. Vineyard weddings take the beauty of an outdoor wedding and turn up the dial. With rustic features, spacious areas and winery views, it can be the perfect setting for a romance party.

The Vineyard at Oakland House is a perfect example. Guests are free to explore the expansive gardens and look out at the winery views, which work together to create a spacious atmosphere. A great thing about having space is that focal points can invite intimacy naturally. Whether you choose to host a welcome cocktail, intimate luncheon or a candlelit dinner, The Vineyard offers a luxury wedding venue that you won’t forget.

Garden Chateau

Garden chateau venues prove that simplicity and quality is the foundation of luxury. The contrasts of classic materials often characterise garden weddings. For example, soft flower petals that line sandstone aisles, old trees set a magical scene, and white chairs fill the space with traditional elegance. All of which provide the setting that leads to the focal point-a beautiful canopy to declare your wedding vows. Garden weddings can be easily paired with floral features. But there’s plenty of room to incorporate your style into them. Whether that be period elegance, bohemian or contemporary, they promise to be a delight for all guests.

Curzon Hall’s Garden Chateau is the epitome of a garden wedding under the Sydney sun. Here, you can say your vows under a baroque wrought iron canopy that is supported by grand Romanesque sandstone columns. A wall of pine tree’s seclude the venue and lead to a grand castle, setting your own private romance party.

Castle Wedding

Picture this; elegant chandeliers that hang from the stone ceiling, parquetry dance floors and large arches that host antique fireplaces. If you’ve always dreamt of the fairytale wedding, let your dream live on. While they may be rarer, castle luxury wedding venues can make the fairytale wedding a reality. 

Check out the Agincourt Room to picture it for yourself. Here you can celebrate your love on the top floor of a castle. It may just give your wedding the justice it deserves. You and your guests can pop out to the balcony or wrap-around terrace to marvel at the manicured gardens at your intimate castle party.

Glass House

Spaces unlike any other can be difficult to describe. Glass house venues often have historical touches as part of the theme. Tradition and history blend with nature to create a truly unique and elegant luxury wedding venue. Stunning glass walls and white fabrics can be perfect for ceremonies.

Montage’s Glass House offers a remarkable venue only separated from the waterfront by romanesque columns. This magical setting mixes ancient history with Australian nature to create an inspiring and gorgeous setting. This Glass House can be a haven of light. It’s likely to inspire a feeling of awe in you and your guests, one that’s unforgettably joined with the day you got married.

Want to Get Your Wedding Theme Perfect? Start by Finding The Right Luxury Wedding Venue.

Planning your wedding and selecting a venue is no easy feat. With so many beautiful options, finding the right one for you can be a tough decision. A great first step is to select a couple of themes and ideas. This way, you can narrow your search down. The venue you choose has to suit the number of guests you invite, your style, caterers, and wedding date. It’s easy to fall in love with a venue before you realise it doesn’t meet your needs.

In this article, we offered five luxury wedding venue ideas that may help you in your search for the perfect wedding venue. If you’re unsure of the exact theme you’re after; you could always seek some help. Navarra Venues are experts in helping couples find their perfect wedding venue. One that they love and suits their needs. Contact us to see how we can help you make your dream wedding a reality. 

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