Lilyfield’s Cafe Lobby churns out the best Italian takeaway

Lilyfield’s Cafe Lobby churns out the best Italian takeaway

There is no better way to promote your fresh organic authentic Italian food from your restaurant or café than to have the option for people to order at home. Cafe Lobby famous for its fresh Italian pasta and meals is a destination in Sydney’s Inner West along Iron Cove Bay where you actually feel like you are in Italy once you experience one meal. It is truly the best Italian takeaway!

Let’s face it we all at some point in time have not wanted to cook after a long days work or we just wanted to take a holiday from the perils of the kitchen and wanted that perfectly prepared meal by our own personal chef.

Lilyfield’s Cafe Lobby has access to famous Italian Chefs; Gabriele and Lorenzo who can prepare a 5 day meal plan for you made from fresh produce all conveniently packaged. Famous for its al dente pasta and freshly made sauces using organic produce, the flavours are mouth watering. How do you say it in Italian; “Bellissimo”

No stress, no fuss and made with love and passion. Choose your selection from our menu, call us and we will have it prepared for you ready for pickup.

Not only do you have the opportunity to order high end takeaway from Cafe Lobby but the way it is prepared and carefully planned for you means you have the opportunity to freeze it and possibly order meals in advance.

As Australian’s more and more are taking the option to stay at home and not venture outside due to Coronavirus cases (COVID-19) Lilyfield’s Cafe Lobby has you covered.

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