A Guide To The Perfect Dinner Plans

If there’s one thing that Australian Summer nights call for, it’s the perfect dinner plans.

A Guide To The Perfect Dinner Plans

If there’s one thing that Australian Summer nights call for, it’s the perfect dinner plans. After a year of forced hibernation, there’s nothing more satisfying than getting unnecessarily dolled up for a simple Sydney dinner. From outdoor bars to indoor moody dining experiences, allow us to guide you to the perfect local dinner plans this season. 

Make sure it’s Insta-Worthy 

Did you even go out for dinner if you didn’t blast it on socials? It’s a 21st century must; make sure the location of dinner is aesthetically pleasing. We recommend a modern and bright outdoor space by the water, whereby every shot is a 10/10. From the building paint, to the white and blue umbrellas, it’s all about a beautiful aesthetic to really set the mood. Watch the sun set over glistening water and wait for that moment the sky turns pink. Get the shot. A local favourite is Montage Piazza by the bay in Lilyfield. On the outskirts of the Sydney CBD, this hot new waterside bar and restaurant is the most Insta-worthy space on the scene. 

The food must be good 

What’s the point of leaving the house if you’re not promised a decent feed? Head over to your restaurant of choices’ social media page and stalk their tagged pictures and reviews for a true reflection of the food presentation and feedback. If satisfied, head to the restaurants menu and have a read over their offerings prior to your booking. This halves the ordering process, and allows more time for Snapchat selfies, banter and a drink or two. Once the food comes out (and after the photo is taken), take a moment to enjoy the moment, and the fact that you are not at home eating left-over Thai….finally! 


If there is one thing that will leave you with the feeling that you definitely wined, dined and had a smasher of an evening, is the dosh spent on that bill. 2021 is without a doubt a year to finally get out and celebrate. After months of saving and hiding away, it’s time to tap that card/phone/apple watch against the payment machine without needing to look at the final amount. The perfect dinner includes the fact that you ordered what you want, when you wanted, and how you wanted. If you’re looking to protect that cash, stay home. Don’t think twice about what you want to eat and how much it costs. Even if your perfect dinner plans can only suffice at once a month, then so be it. Life’s too short, and you deserve it. 

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