10 Tips For Picking A Catering for Corporate Events and Style

Food is the heart of any event, and more importantly, the catering style. There are several styles to choose from, and here are tips on settling on the perfect one.

10 Tips For Picking A Catering for Corporate Events and Style

Have you ever heard of the joke that a meeting without food should be an email? That tells you just how important food is for corporate events. However, you need to give extra thought to the food to serve its purpose. This includes picking a catering style. So, where do you begin?

Here are some useful tips to help you get started:

1. Number of Guests

The number of people you expect at your corporate event goes a long way in determining the ideal catering style. For instance, if you are expecting many guests, you might be more inclined towards corporate buffets than sit-down meals. The latter would require a large number of wait staff to ensure that everyone gets served on time. Alternatively, a sit-down style is more appropriate if you want better crowd control.

2. Your Budget

How much money have you allocated for catering for your corporate event? That can be a baseline when choosing the catering style since costs vary from style to style. If you are on a tight budget, it would be a good idea to pick a style that allows you to pre-determine the amount of food prepared, such as a cocktail reception catering service. Otherwise, you can let guests have as much as they please or consider something like family-style catering.

3. Venue Restrictions

Choosing the perfect venue can make your corporate event the talk of the town. That’s why it’s always a good idea to partner with gurus like Navarra to find the perfect fit for your next event. It is worth noting that the venue you choose will impact the catering style. If you choose an intimate venue, you would have to go with a style that is not space-consuming, such as a plated service, where all the serving takes place in the kitchen. If there’s enough room, there is no harm in trying a style like butlered hors d’oeuvres service.

4. Level of Formality

Corporate events vary in formality. Some events, like conferences and exhibitions, are high on the formal spectrum. Perhaps even held on a weekday. Others, like office Christmas parties, are more informal. Therefore, you need to consider where your event falls when picking the catering style. If it’s informal, you can choose a casual style, such as a food-truck service. Consider a more elegant style like butlered hors d’oeuvres service if it’s a formal event with VIP guests.

5. Dietary Requirements

It’s essential to ensure that the food options at your corporate event accommodate everyone present. In some cases, it might be unmanageable to know the dietary restrictions of each guest. It would help to go for a catering style that has several options for guests to choose from. A style like the good old buffet would come in handy.

6. Event Theme

The focus of your corporate event can also guide you when selecting the catering style. For instance, if you organise a surprise party for employees, a buffet would go over nicely since you won’t have to go over the menu with everyone. On the other hand, if you are arranging an intimate event for the best team of the current fiscal year, a more intimate style would get the job done.

7. Event Schedule

It is essential to plan the food service around the event’s schedule and time. For instance, if the event has several speeches lined up, you might want a catering style that takes as little time as possible. It might not be ideal to have speakers talk as the guests eat since food will distract them. You can even speak to the caterer to see if they can have a pre-packed meal so people can spend less time getting served.

8. Length of the Event

Besides looking at the schedule, it’s also important to consider how long your guests will be at the venue. If they will be there all day long, you might consider something like a grazing table. On the other hand, if the event is only a few hours long, the focus should be spending as little time on serving as possible.

9. Social Distance Friendliness

Would you like your guests to have a chat as they enjoy the delicacies you have prepared? This is an essential factor to consider as you choose the catering style. For instance, if you organise a one-day conference, you might want your guests to mingle. In that case, a sharing platter might bring them together.

10. Will there be Alcohol?

If you plan on serving liquor at your corporate event, serving finger foods would be a good idea. Easy-to-eat foods are a good idea since they offset alcohol intake. A grazing table set-up is also a good idea since your guests can serve themselves in a specific area and network at the same time.

Parting Thoughts

Food does an excellent job of bringing people together at events. It gives them morale and acts as a good conversation starter. A superb catering style and a perfect venue will make your next corporate event one for the book. Are you looking for the ideal venue for your next event? Give us a call today.

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