How to Plan a Mermaid Birthday Party Theme For Your Child

How to Plan a Mermaid Birthday Party Theme For Your Child

Where do you start when your child requests a mermaid birthday party? From mermaid birthday party decorations to themed food and games, there are many ways to bring an under-sea theme to your child’s birthday. Take a look at the following mermaid party ideas to get started.

Why Choose a Mermaid Party Theme for Children?

Mermaids are pretty, fun, and magical. Many kids go through a phase of wanting to be a mermaid and will relish the chance to dress up as their favourite mythical creature. There’s also the classic Disney film, The Little Mermaid, to capture their imagination.

When planning a mermaid party, there are so many things you can do to develop the theme. You can transform your home into an underwater haven with mermaid birthday party decorations and serve sea-themed snacks that leave little mouths watering. One thing is for sure: everyone is sure to have fun and agree that birthdays really are better under the sea.

How to Plan a Mermaid Birthday Party Theme

Let’s look at all the steps involved in bringing your mermaid birthday party ideas to life. Use this list to make sure nothing is overlooked during the planning process.

Mermaid Party Invitations

To set your mermaid birthday party in motion, you need to notify all the other little mermaids and mermen in the neighbourhood! You can use printed or digital invitations, but the most important thing is to ensure they fit the theme. Either purchase mermaid or sea-themed invitation cards or get crafty with turquoise glitter and glue. How about sending invitations in the shapes of mermaid tails or sea shells? Don’t forget to include all relevant information, including the time and date of the party, the venue, costume suggestions, and how to RSVP.

Mermaid-Themed Decorations

Once you’ve invited people to your watery venue, it’s time to make it as welcoming as possible to sea folk. You can go as professional or as crafty as you like with under-the-sea party decorations. Here are a few ideas to get you started with the decoration.

  • Mermaid birthday party planners hang blue fabric on the walls to create an oceanic atmosphere. If you use shimmery fabrics, the effect will be even better as the party lighting shimmers like sunlight on waves.
  • Use balloons in sea-themed colours, such as turquoise, seashell-pink, and silver.
  • Use fish bowls with castles, coloured stones, and plants as part of the decorations.
  • Set up a mermaid party backdrop that kids can use for photos to create lasting memories of this special day.

Mermaid Birthday Party Food

Few kids love seafood, even if they do enjoy dressing up as mermaids. However, you can provide plenty of sea-themed sweet treats to keep them fueled for fun. Use these mermaid food ideas for birthday party success!

  • Purchase cookie cutters in the shapes of seashells, fish, mermaid tails, and seahorses and use them to make gorgeous iced mermaid cookies.
  • Cupcakes can easily be made mermaid-themed by topping them with frosting in the shapes of shells or mermaid tails.
  • Adding a little blue-green dye to regular water can turn it into “ocean water”, which is much more exciting to drink.
  • A professional cake baker can make you a beautiful mermaid cake that all the kids are sure to love.

Mermaid Party Games and Activities

These mermaid birthday party games and activities can help to keep kids entertained:

  • Make seashell necklaces! Pre-punch holes in some seashells and ensure you have enough cord to thread through them to make necklaces for everyone. Kids love to add glitter or paint to make their necklaces extra special.
  • Did you know professional mermaids exist? These entertainers are great at keeping kids entertained during a mermaid birthday party. They tell stories, lead activities, and get kids into the party spirit.
  • Why not offer mermaid face painting? There are a range of designs that can help kids look like their favourite under-the-sea characters.
  • Play a game of ‘Pin the Tail on the Mermaid.’ A marine twist on an old classic: a blindfolded person tries to pin the mermaid’s tail in the correct place. The closest player wins!

Mermaid Birthday Parties Are Swell!

With some planning and preparation, your child’s mermaid-themed birthday party can be an event they will never forget. If you feel overwhelmed with the planning process, it can help to call in professional mermaid party planners. We can help you develop your mermaid party ideas into a fabulous event. Get in touch today to get started!

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