How To Choose A Winter Wedding Dress?

How To Choose A Winter Wedding Dress?

If you’re planning to tie the knot during winter, you’ll have to keep warm and look fashionable as a winter bride. There are multiple style options when shopping for a winter dress for a wedding. We’ve got the guide you need to choose the perfect winter wedding dress for your wonderful winter wedding.

Tips To Choose A Winter Wedding Dress

  1. Do Research to Find What You Like  

This will help you get a clearer idea of what design you like and also clue you on designer jargon. Applique, anyone? 

  1. Brace Yourself for Bridal Sizing

Bridal dresses are smaller than the conventional sizing that you’re used to. If you’re shopping for a dress for a winter wedding, don’t be surprised if you need to size up. 

  1. Shop True to Your Size

The best tip on how to dress for a winter wedding is to stay true to your size. Don’t buy a more petite winter wedding dress and try to lose weight to fit into it. 

  1. Shop Early

Once you have the date for your winter wedding, shop as early as possible to avoid rushing and cramming.

  1. But Not Too Early 

Before shopping for a winter wedding dress, ensure you have all the details planned out, such as your wedding venue. A dress for an outdoor winter wedding may not be appropriate for an indoor venue, so don’t shop earlier than finalizing the details.

  1. Figure Out Your Budget 

A formal dress for a winter wedding should look spectacular without breaking the bank.

  1. Know Your Wedding Theme Beforehand  

Determine a wedding theme and shop for a formal dress with the theme in mind for your winter wedding. 

  1. Plan Non-Obvious Costs Into the Budget 

When planning a budget, leave some room for unforeseen expenses. 

  1. Find a Great Bridal Salon 

A perfect winter dress for a wedding should go with spectacular hair and makeup.

  1. Call Ahead 

Once you find a great bridal salon, try to call ahead to make arrangements. 

  1. Make an Appointment 

Book an appointment early with your chosen salon. Remember, the best ones always get booked, and you may have difficulty finding an available slot. 

  1. Start Inexpensive and Work Your Way Up

Always start with the least expensive dress when looking for a formal dress for a winter wedding. 

  1. Pick Three Adjectives to Describe Your Dream Dress 

These three adjectives will help your designer or the bridal shop have a clearer idea of what you want for a winter dress for your wedding. 

  1. Shop on a Weekday 

Knowing how to dress for a winter wedding also means knowing when is the best time to shop. Shop on a weekday when there are fewer people in the shops. 

  1. Make Shopping a Whole-Day Affair  

Clear out a whole day’s schedule for shopping for a winter wedding dress. 

  1. Choose Your Shopping Crew Wisely

Take a trusted shopping buddy with an eye for style to help you spot the best dress for an outdoor winter wedding. 

  1. Bring the Right Undergarments 

Wear the proper undergarments for the dress that you want. 

  1. Pick Your Silhouette 

Choose the silhouette you want your dress to have and work your way around it. 

  1. Keep Travel Arrangements in Mind 

Make sure your winter wedding dress is practical in terms of your mode of transportation on your wedding day

  1. Consider Less Traditional Lengths  

Consider a shorter length wedding gown or one with a detachable skirt. 

  1. Pay Attention to Fabric

A formal dress for a winter wedding should be made of fabric that can keep you warm. 

  1. Wear Heels to the Appointment  

Bring heels for your winter wedding dress fitting if you’ll be wearing heels on your wedding day. 

  1. Bring Dress Photos for Inspiration

Show these to your designer or the bridal shop attendant to have a guide on the style you want. 

  1. Bring Scene-Setting Photos

These will help you see how your wedding dress will look against your wedding scenery. 

  1. Believe Your Consultant That a Gown Looks Better “On”

Try on that gown even if you think it doesn’t look flattering on the rack. 

  1. Shop Trunk Shows for Savings 

Trunk shows are a great place to save big on designer winter wedding dresses. 

  1. Hit Sample Sales 

Look up local sample sales to get a good deal on a winter wedding dress. 

  1. Know That Embellishments Add Big Bucks 

Opt for a dress for a winter wedding with subtle embellishments such as crystals or pearls. 

  1. Don’t Try on Gowns Above Your Budget

This will help you shop within your budget range. 

  1. Consider Shopping Online 

Look up trusted bridal fashion sites for a wide range of winter wedding dresses. 

  1. Take Inspiration From Celebrity Styles 

Try to copy your favourite celebrity’s style. If there’s anyone who knows how to dress for a winter wedding, it’s a celebrity. 

The Perfect Winter Wedding

Although winter is not the most popular season for weddings, it is a unique experience to have a winter wedding. Many destinations will make for the ultimate wedding reception backdrop during the winter months. In addition to the stunning backdrops, winter weddings are also a time to make bold fashion choices for your wedding dress. 

Your wedding should be a magical affair, no matter the season. When planning a wedding, trust no less than the experts. Contact Navarra Venues today for the perfect winter wedding affair. 

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