Finding The Perfect Christening Party Venue in Sydney

Finding The Perfect Christening Party Venue in Sydney

Christening is a big celebration in a Catholic child’s life because it frees them from original sin and symbolises their entry into the Catholic community. This event calls for an excellent christening party among friends and family. If you’re planning a christening celebration, you’ll naturally want the perfect place for your celebration. This article will give tips, suggestions, and places for your ideal Christening venues in Sydney.

What to Consider When Choosing a Christening Party Venue in Sydney?

When you choose a Christening party venue, here are some things you may want to consider.

Unique Venues

When you’ve managed your guest list and the dates, it’s time to list all the christening venues that might be a potential match for what you have in mind. Usually, hotels are popular spaces for a Christening reception, but you don’t have to limit yourself to this choice. You can make a list (based on your concept) and list down the three best locations which come to mind. You can decide which of the three comes closest to your concept. 

Your Budget

When looking for Christening venues, you need to consider your budget. The ideal situation is there is no budget for your child’s Christening, but the reality is most of the time, financial resources have a limit. At the beginning of your planning for your child’s baptism, you should set a budget for you to work with. It doesn’t have to be an exact estimate, and it can be a ballpark figure. But, your budget should include some flexibility to cover unexpected things. If you can, work with party planners for your child’s Christening reception because they’re usually excellent at working within a budget.

Cost-Effective Venues for Christening Party

When looking at Sydney christening venues, you also want to see if the place is cost-effective. What other services and value does your preferred Christening venue offer that can add value to your event? Do they have restrictions on the decorations, or do they have a preferred vendor list that you need to work with? You might want to ask the following questions:

  • Does this Christening venue offer parking?
  • Does this Christening venue offer a child menu?
  • Do this Christening venue offer catering and floral arrangements
  • Does this Christening venue have table rentals and decorations?
  • Does this Christening venue have a clean-up crew on hand?
  • Does this Christening venue have its vendor list, or can you work with your own?

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Where Do You Want to Celebrate the Christening Party?

Are you planning to celebrate your child’s Christening day outside or at an inside venue? The answer to this crucial question will help narrow your search for the perfect Christening venue. Once you’ve decided on this, you’ll also want to ensure they have the necessary equipment to accommodate your technical production needs (entertainment, A/V sound, etc.).

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Here Are Some of Our Recommendations for Your Perfect Christening Party Venue in Sydney

If you’re looking for a Sydney Christening venue, look no further. Navarra has a lot of venues that’ll be perfect for a Christening function. Here are some of the top Christening venues we recommend.

Rose Suite, Oatlands House

If you want a more intimate venue for your little one’s baptism, the Rose Suite can be an excellent option. It has classic detailing, large bay windows which lets in natural light, crystal chandeliers, and cozy fireplaces. This Christening party venue holds up to 190 guests.

The Marquee, Le Montage

Inspired by the Hamptons, the Marquee event room has floor-to-ceiling windows, which give you a fantastic view of Iron Cove bay. This beautiful venue also has breathtaking two-tier circular chandeliers. This Christening party venue can hold up to 460 guests.

Curzon Room, Curzon Hall

The Curzon Room can be an excellent match for your event if you want something intimate in your christening venues. The room has ornate chandeliers and historic architecture. It opens out to a covered terrace where you can view well-manicured gardens. This Christening party venue can hold up to 120 guests.

Elizabeth Suite, Oatland’s House

This Elizabeth Suite gives you a grand view over the golf course and amazing landscapes. It has an outdoor cocktail terrace and abundant light, and the petite chandelier gives it that elegant feel on your child’s special day. This Christening party venue can hold up to 80 people.

Navarra Venues Is Here to Help

Christening is a significant event in every Catholic’s life and deserves to be celebrated. With these tips, you can find the perfect christening venue in Sydney. 

Do you need help choosing the best place for your Christenings or other special events? Navarra venues can help. Our friendly staff is ready to help you. Contact us today.

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