Bridal Catering – boutique style of catering, a creative and delicious way to make your wedding day a success!

Bridal Catering – boutique style of catering, a creative and delicious way to make your wedding day a success!

Bridal catering is often associated with bridal showers. But there are also many brides who choose bridal catering for their home on the morning of their special day. There is an endless number of advantages you can enjoy from organising bridal catering for you and your closest friends and family. This includes the fact that you and your guests have a busy day ahead and likely won’t have a meal until the reception. Bridal catering can ensure your guests are fed and ready for the exciting and busy day ahead! Having bridal catering is an excellent opportunity to entertain and create a warm atmosphere to enjoy before your exciting day propels into action. Having bridal catering organised for you means one less thing to worry about, as delicious food will be organised by a talented chef and catering team.

Delicious examples of food for your bridal catering:

  • Assorted gourmet pastries
  • Gourmet salads
  • Mini brioche sliders
  • Croquette filled with saffron, lemon and pistachio
  • Paninis and wraps
  • Delicious mini burgers decorated to fit your theme
  • Mezza platter with dips, olives and vegetables
  • Desserts: gourmet cake assortments, tarts, mousses etc

You can choose your favourite cuisine or develop your own interesting blend. It’s up to you!

The best part of bridal catering is that it isn’t just all about food. In addition to providing your guests with delicious and luxurious catering to start their day, it can provide an exciting visual appeal for your morning. This works to ultimately enhance the chosen aesthetic and vibe of your wedding day.

Bridal catering can be themed in numerous creative ways. Match the theme and vibrant colour palette of your wedding to your bridal catering, as we eat with our eyes as well as our mouths. Bridal catering styles the food arrangements in a beautiful way. The food can even be coordinated and coloured by chefs to match your colour theme, and may also include stunning additions such as bouquets and floral arrangements. These beautifully designed arrangements will add to capturing your unique individuality and wedding theme, for a day to remember, forever.

Written by Hadia Yosufzai

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