10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Seminar Venue

Getting a venue for your seminar doesn't have to be challenging. Follow these expert tips to help you get everything right and avoid disappointments.

10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Seminar Venue

Venues are essential to any occasion, whether a corporate event, wedding, or birthday party. Choosing the right venue sets the tone for the event, determines how comfortable your guests will be, and dictates the success of your seminar.

But, planning a seminar can be too demanding and time consuming.. You want to communicate with your attendees and inform them about the event, secure speakers and sponsors, get the perfect address systems, and more. 

Here, we list the top ten essential things to consider when picking a venue for your seminar.

When to Start Looking for a Venue

The earlier, the better when choosing a venue for your upcoming seminar. Know how many people will attend (estimate size), draw a budget, and decide what space will be sufficient. 

Talking about space, we mean everything entailing the venue and its features. These include available space, location, and amenities you’ll need. After deciding on these factors, start hunting for an appropriate venue. Choose the venue for your corporate event and book at least eight months earlier. That eliminates the last-time rush, allows you ample time to plan other critical things, and gives your attendees enough space to prepare and warm up for the event. 

What to Consider When Searching for a Venue

There are several elements to consider when deciding on a perfect venue for a seminar. Here are the top ten items on the list of every event planner.

1. Costs

Hiring a venue is among the top expenses every event host has to incur. While settling on a venue, consider the cost of hiring the space and ensure it falls within your budget. Hunt around comparing prices and only settle on a venue that provides the best bargain for your needs.

Likewise, consider negotiating the prices. Talking can help you land a great venue at a better cost.

2. Local Weather Conditions

While this may sound obvious, weather conditions can be a great deal breaker for your forthcoming event. Thus, consider the local weather conditions and how they will disrupt your event before signing the deal.

A location that experiences lousy weather can discourage your attendees from attending.

3. Location and Accessibility

The location and accessibility of your seminar venue are critical for your guest’s maximum attendance. A perfect location with easy accessibility also eliminates the stress of travelling. Thus, your guests arrive happier, stronger, and ready to participate in the event. You want to choose a place that’s easy to access using public transport systems, especially if you have delegates travelling from out of town.

Consider places close to the airport if you expect international guests. A place that’s accessible for attendees who use wheelchairs will be an added advantage. 

Also, choose a place with added attractions, including nature, incredible sights to visit, and beautiful restaurants for accessible accommodation.

4. Parking

A safe, spacious parking lot is a critical add-on to your venue. That will cater to all your guests and attendees who prefer driving their vehicles to the seminar.

If the venue has no dedicated parking lot, walk around to see if there are any accessible parking lots around your attendees who can use and reserve space for them. You can also consider valet parking to take care of the needs of your guests and attendees.

5. Capacity of Space

A beautiful, accessible venue isn’t everything you want to consider. Capacity is just as important. Book enough space to comfortably accommodate your attendees, and leave them ample room to relax during breaks.

While space is critical, ensure it’s just big enough to accommodate the attendees, with a little extra to cater to the unaccounted population attending. A room too big will feel like just half of the attendees showed up for the event.

6. Services and Amenities

When hunting for a venue, you should already have a list of the essential services and amenities you’ll need for the event. Ensure your venue checks all the boxes. For instance, ensure the venue has microphones, audio-visual equipment, and other things you’ll need for the seminar.

The seating arrangement that the venue supports is just as important. You don’t want to book a venue with theatre-style seating arrangements when you know the attendees will use their laptops or take notes. Also, check if the venue will serve food and beverages for your guests, provide an on-hire caterer, or you’ll have to take care of the meals.

7. Layout

The layout of your venue will significantly impact the overall feel of your event. Draw a rough idea of what activities you’ll include in your event, the amenities you’ll use in the vent, and the needs of your attendees and team.

With the idea of what you need in mind, request an illustrated floor plan of the venue and inspect the areas you’ll need to use. Ensure the arrangement, amenities, and other equipment are available and in the perfect position for your event.

8. Technology

Technology forms a big part of your event’s success. Ensure the venue’s technical capabilities match your attendees’ needs and meet the event’s demands. For instance, Wi-Fi availability is essential to help your attendees connect to the outside world.

Video conferencing and recording abilities are also essential if some of your guests will attend the seminar virtually.

9. Insurance

Insurance may only be necessary for some places. But some venues don’t host uninsured events. Enquire to ascertain whether the venue you’re choosing has this rule. 

Start planning for the insurance of your event early to cut any last-minute frustrations.

10. Flexibility on Event Date

Life can get in the way, and you may have to cancel the seminar or postpone it after booking the venue. Just for early preparation, ensure you know what to expect from the venue, especially if you have to cancel your booking. How flexible is the venue if you want to cancel or change the event dates? That will make a significant difference.

While choosing a venue, inquire about their cancellation policy and ensure you’re comfortable with the terms. 

Find The Best Seminar Venue

Finding a perfect venue can change the whole experience of your seminar. It dictates the attendance rate and determines the overall success of the event. Give it maximum attention and ensure you get it right.

Do you have any questions about how to pick a perfect venue for any event? Navarra Venues has your back. We have over 45 years in the business, with more than 45 rooms of varying sizes in different parts of Sydney. We understand your needs and are ready to help you get your venues right.

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