7 Romantic Wedding Anniversary Ideas

7 Romantic Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Wedding anniversaries are about more than just marking the occasion with a gift. They are about celebrating all of the love and everything you and your partner have gone through together, be it over one year or twenty. A great wedding anniversary idea will also prime your relationship for another fantastic year full of love, support, and connection. 

You can easily avoid a dull or even disappointing wedding anniversary by giving your partner something that they aren’t going to forget. Think of something personal, creative, original, and something that reminds them of the love you have for each other. You can also jazz up the traditional flower bouquet with some of our ideas here

Below is a curated list from our team at Navarra Venues, which you can incorporate into your next anniversary with some personal touches. 

Give a Gift That Represents Your Year of Marriage 

Instead of trying to capture the essence of your entire relationship in one wedding anniversary idea, focus on capturing the memories and experiences of the last year instead. This will be easier on your creativity and reawaken memories and feelings in your partner that are still fresh. 

List all the extraordinary experiences the two of you enjoyed in the past year. These can include any travelling, events, or new and exciting adventures. Based on this list, look for gifts and anniversary themes that reference back to those great experiences so you can relive them once again. If the last year was a difficult one for the two of you, you can use your wedding anniversary to celebrate what you have overcome together, and that you continue to support one another. 

Write a Love Letter 

You don’t need to be a Pulitzer prize-winning writer to pull off a great love letter. You don’t even need to be a good writer, so long as you are honest and genuine, and you put everything you don’t usually say into the letter. 

Love letters are great if you are already an effective communicator and are even better (and more meaningful) if you aren’t naturally communicative. Forget about a rhyming poem since these can be difficult to write and often don’t capture everything you need to say. 

Think of why you love your partner, why you are attracted to them, how they make your life better, the lengths you would go to for them, and anything else. When you tell your partner that you love them, all of these things are typically in your mind, but you don’t often get to say these things out loud. This is what you can use a love letter for. 

Book in a Photoshoot 

Chances are that you already have hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures of your partner and any children and pets that make up your family. A professional photoshoot is not the same as taking pictures on your phone. An anniversary photoshoot lets you reflect on the changes since the photo shoot on your wedding day. Professional photos will also get you out of the house, ensure you both look your best, and that each photo is of the highest quality for you to add to your family album. 

Plan a Romantic Dinner 

Romantic dinners might be a standard idea for a wedding anniversary, but you shouldn’t underestimate their value. If you both lead busy lives, or you struggle to get some quality time alone together, then a quality dining experience might be what the two of you need. Rooftop dining is one great suggestion from our team, where the city’s ambience and being high up gives an experience you don’t get regularly. 

Remember to base your restaurant choice on your partner’s preferences to guarantee that both the food and the atmosphere are what they love while you enjoy a glass of wine, delicious food, and some alone time together. 

Do Something Adventurous 

If breaking the routine is something the two of you have been thinking about for a while now, then a great wedding anniversary idea will be to spend some extra cash on a new adventure. You can do something brand new that has been on the cards for some time, or you can do something that you have both enjoyed in the past. 

If your partner is a nature lover, then hikes, nature tours, boat rides, and anything else to get into the great outdoors will be a success. If you are adrenaline junkies, an extreme sport experience might be the way to go. 

If your partner isn’t interested in physical or adrenalin-fueled adventures, being adventurous might include trying something new. Pottery or art classes, visiting local theme parks, dance classes, and anything where you can support one another in a unique experience is a great idea. As citizens or permanent residents of Australia, you can also mark special wedding anniversaries, such as your 60th anniversary, with a message from the Prime Minister, Governor-General, and even a message from the Queen herself.

Renew Your Vows 

Renewing your vows means you get to turn your wedding anniversary into an event to celebrate your love once again with everyone important to the two of you. If a lot has changed since your wedding day, or you want another chance to do things better than the first time, this might be your best option. 

Decide if you would like a large-scale event, a small gathering with just a few friends and family, or if it’s best to combine renewing your vows with a romantic getaway with just the two of you.  

Fill Your House with Roses 

If your partner loves flowers, surprise them by filling the entire house with roses (or their favourite flower). To maintain the surprise, book a fun activity to get them out of the house for as long as you need before filling the space with bouquets, arrangements, or lots of flower petals. Get creative and leave trails of flowers around the house that take them to different things they can enjoy, like a steaming bath or a beautiful dinner you have prepared. 


Your wedding anniversary is an opportunity to move away from the mundane and reintroduce some spark, excitement, connection, and fun into your relationship, regardless of whether it needs it. Make sure that your wedding anniversary ideas are genuine, personal, and have sentimental value to you and your partner.Do you have any great ideas yet? Be sure to follow our team at Navarra Venues on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for more tips and tricks, or call us on 1300 235 568 to plan a stellar event. 

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