Dance Floors in Vogue for Weddings

Dance Floors in Vogue for Weddings

There are so many things to take into consideration when planning for your wedding that we need not forget the dance floor on your big day.

Everyone talks about the dress, flowers, lighting and music but do we take for granted or simply forget what will be under our feet when dancing the night away. Even now when only the couple is permitted to dance in 2020 the dance floor will be more prominent and noticeable than ever.

The entertainers might choose to spread out on the dance floor so your floor is absolutely important as everyone of your guests remains seated. All eyes will be on the dance floor so try and make it unique and as prominent to your guests. Have a bit of fun with it!

At Navarra Venues we have your typical parquetry dance floors at every venue but there are options to be considered for each of our venues. All you need to do is ask our Event Coordinators.

White dance floors are in vogue for each of our weddings. They are simple, sleek, elegant and very much the go at the moment in the wedding market.

What is so fabulous moving away from the classic parquetry floor is that you can have crests, monograms and patterns printed as decals or even painted onto whatever base one decides upon.

Usually the bride will choose to have the initials taken from their wedding invitation and placed on the white floor but the sky is the limit as to what can be offered in terms of choice.

Couples for outdoor events have gone with a rustic chic black and white checkered dance floor while king tables around have that wooden rustic feel. Some couples being creative have even gone for moss to cover the outside dance floor. This is where the couple can enjoy their first dance with a natural green covered floor and guests can throw coloured confetti or rose petals with the wedding couples first dance.

Some choose a floral masterpiece to make their dreams become a reality for a more personalised look and feel. Oversized appliques are designed that can be attached to a dance floor. You can even have a picture from the theme of your wedding incorporated on the dance floor. If it is a nautical theme we can have an oversized puffer fish or anchor, school of fishes and much more.

The sky is the limit and it does not necessarily have to be a white dance floor. You can stay with a parquetry look and place the destination of your wedding on the floor in a colour of your choice. Maybe you have travelled from overseas and now will be living in Australia as you have chosen to marry an Australian husband. You might want to write; Sydney Love….

Standard dance floor options at each of our venues that can be highlighted with your dream visions. Enquire with our Event Coordinators;

Le Montage, Oatlands House and Conco D’oro
• White Gloss Tiles dance floor
• White/Black Seamless dance floor
• New White Gloss dance floor wrap

Curzon Hall
• White Gloss Tiles dance floor
• White/Black Seamless dance floor

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