7 Planning Tips For Weddings In Sydney

Wedding planning may come with plenty of opinions and suggestions from friends and family. While they're all well-intended, so much information coming your way can make it more complicated.

7 Planning Tips For Weddings In Sydney

Wedding planning may come with plenty of opinions and suggestions from friends and family. While they’re all well-intended, so much information coming your way can make it more complicated. It can be easy to feel a little lost along this journey. For couples getting married, taking the advice that resonates and following your heart for the rest can deliver a day you’re thrilled with. Navarra Venues have been a part of many weddings in Sydney. In this article, we give our best seven tips for planning your wedding that might not have been considered.

1. Organise your ideas

The thought of your wedding day may bring many fantastic ideas to mind. To move forward in your planning, organising these thoughts can be helpful. It can allow you to see your ideas clearly and understand what you need to keep track of. If you’re not a naturally organised person, you can think of it as an exciting part of the journey. Organising your ideas gets everything circling in your mind down on paper so you can begin the planning.

2. Follow your style

One of our favourite wedding planning tips is to follow your style. Your wedding can be an extension of your relationship by bringing your own style into the decorations and themes of the day. Whether your style is simplistic, chic or extravagant, there’s plenty of ways to stitch it into your wedding. 

You’re also free to tweak the ‘essentials’ of your wedding. If you’ve never been a fan of cake at the wedding reception, you can ditch it. Your wedding, your day. Having your wedding reflect you and your partner is also a great way to make it a memorable and personal event. Looking back, you’ll be glad you went with what was right for you.

3. Remember seasonal differences

Tying the knot under the warmth of the summer sun is a popular choice. Summer can be a great option for beach weddings in Sydney. Sun, love and champagne can be an unbeatable mix. Or the comfort of a mild shoulder season may feel more suitable to you. Many couples are opting for magical winter weddings, too. The quieter winter season can offer great value for unique venues, like a castle wedding venue.

Whatever season you prefer, it can be important to consider the season early on in the planning. It can impact a lot of the other elements, such as venue choice and dress codes.

4. Pick a location

Picking a wedding location can be the centrepiece of your planning journey. There are some important factors to consider when choosing your location, such as the number of guests and availability. Try to tour wedding venues at the beginning of your planning so you can agree on the right one early. When you find the right one, you’ll be ready to pick an exact date, and everything else can begin to fall into place. Luckily, for weddings in Sydney, there are many great options.

5. Pick a dress that fits the climate and theme

Choosing your wedding dress can be a significant moment. It can be a good idea to consider the season and theme of your wedding when picking your dress. Weddings in Sydney usually come with warm weather. As you don’t want to be uncomfortable on your day, you could go for lightweight fabrics in flowy styles, for example.

Your wedding dress can also work with the theme of your wedding. For example, a garden-chateauvineyard or grand banquet wedding could each have their own style. Once you’ve decided on a wedding theme, you can keep it in mind when picking a dress. It shouldn’t impact your selection too much, but it can help to avoid big clashes. Remember to choose your gown early on in the process. It can take months to have it made, and you may then need more time for alterations.

6. Decide on your budget range

Deciding on the budget range early into your wedding planning can make it a lot easier. Budgets can be your friend! They can show you your limits while allowing you to identify what’s most important to you. Your budget can drive the number of people you invite, your venue and your vendors.

When you have decided on a budget, it can be a great time to list your priorities. Then you can allocate a set amount of the budget to each of these areas. This can give you a better idea of what you can spend on certain elements, making your planning of each of them more straightforward. If a large guest list is important to you, you can have a more accurate idea of your venue budget, for example. 

7. Find the right wedding planner

The right wedding planner will bring all your ideas to life. Finding the right one helps turn all the tedious planning tasks into a smooth and wonderful wedding day. Wedding planners have experience in bringing everything together and creating a harmonious event. They can know how to avoid expensive mistakes, share the best secrets and negotiate the best perks for you. The value of wedding planners can cover their cost, given the industry benefits they bring along. The right wedding planner can also dissolve the stress of putting everything together yourself. You and your partner can spend my time enjoying the process, as you should!

Bringing your wedding vision to life doesn’t have to be stressful. When you begin your planning, there are some important decisions you need to make. You and your partner can discuss the budget, venue, season and theme you would like. By making these decisions and finding the right wedding planner, you can be well on your way to your dream wedding. It can all start falling into place, and you can focus on your most important duty-celebrating your love. If you’re ready to start touring wedding venues, Navarra Venues can help you make the step.

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