Canapés On The Menu

As a starter canapés on the menu make you feel welcome at any event whether wedding, corporate or social.

Canapés On The Menu

As a starter canapés on the menu make you feel welcome at any event whether wedding, corporate or social. Canapés speak out for themselves.

The word “canapé” refers to a sofa in French and it originated from a word that was applied to a new type of hors d’oeuvre when the chef created a portion of food that looked like someone sitting on a sofa.

Often there is confusion between the word canapés and hors d’oeuvre but canapés one must not forget are actually a type of hors d’oeuvre. The beauty is they can be served hot or cold before a meal and no cutlery is required. You can be standing up at an event with a glass of wine, bubbly or non- alcoholic beverage. Perfect for socialising! Although at the moment due to the global pandemic your canapés will be served silver style seated.

The popularity of a canapé lies in the convenience and they are a perfect accompaniment to your next gathering whether it be corporate, wedding, social and are very suitable to home catering or to sample before a main meal. There is always chatter when a canapé is served because they are superb preliminary delights.

The design of the Canapé and its serves

Canapés consist of a base layer such as toasted bread topped with something savoury and the attraction is that they can be consumed in one bite! How the canapé is designed is really up to the chef. There are four distinctive elements of a canapé consisting of the foundation that can be either bread, puff pastry or crackers. If served in a spoon the base can disappear altogether as the spoon is the base. This type of canapé just slides into your mouth and boom the flavours burst into your mouth. After a spread a topping follows and finally it is the garnish that compliments the whole canapé. A chef can even put a glaze for full impact. Canapés are simple to make and fulfill the needs of a small to large gathering whether at home or at an event.

The general rule of thumb is 4-6 canapés per person for the first hour of an event. Each hour after that you will probably require 2-4 canapés.

A lunchtime event lasting three hours there would be an increase in the amount of canapés served to actually 12 per person. The more canapés served the more relaxed guests will feel at an event or consultation. This is the beauty of serving canapés.

Hot vs Cold Canapés

This all comes down to the style of the event and by being able to offer a selection of hot and cold will just add to the enjoyment of the event. Guests will be able to taste different flavours and textures.

How to Serve Canapés

The beauty of a canapé is not only that it is bit size but also that you can be creative in the way you serve them. Various sized serving platters and slate boards can be used as well as unique plates. The focus is on the canapé! Canapés have the power to make or break an event.

This is why at Navarra Venues as part of the outstanding service to booked clients canapés are offered complimentary upon arrival. Bubbly in hand with a canapé, can you think of a better way to sit down with an Event Producer and discuss your event?

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