Indoor or Outdoor: Which Setting Is Right For You?

Indoor or Outdoor: Which Setting Is Right For You?

If you have an event or a wedding in the works, you’re likely wondering if you should make it an indoor event or take advantage of the great outdoors. There are many things to consider when planning any event, and the indoor/outdoor debate is one of the first you need to tackle before you can get into the actual planning phase.

Having a successful and hassle-free wedding can depend on your initial decision, so choose wisely. Consider these essential points before you make a plan so you get the best experience possible.

Take A Look at the Best Ways to Choose Indoor or Outdoor Wedding

You need to research a few main points to determine which options are suitable for the wedding in question. Some of the prime considerations can include the following.

  • Time of year
  • Weather
  • Equipment
  • Guest count

However, keep in mind that it’s also worth considering all the details to get a complete picture. 

Indoor Wedding

Indoor weddings can have some real benefits if you face issues with weather, food, and equipment. For example, if you’re planning a smaller wedding or one where you have several announcements or speeches, you’ll want to keep it an indoor affair.

There will be many sound equipment and audio considerations. Additionally, it’s best to keep the background distraction to a minimum. Here are some ways to help weigh your decision. 


Here are a few excellent pros that can help you determine if the indoor wedding option is right for your needs. 


If you have an indoor wedding, you don’t have to worry about the weather. Sometimes, people live in areas of the country with unpredictable weather patterns. You won’t need to worry about a surprise rainstorm or other weather events if you stay indoors. 


People of any age can enjoy indoor events. If you have elderly guests or are welcoming people with health concerns, the indoor option is much better. Additionally, if there are very small children, indoor weddings are very convenient for parents. 


When planning an event, the time of year is a significant point to consider. It’s easier to host an outdoor event in the spring and fall than in summer or winter. However, if you have a summer event in a hot climate, you’ll want air conditioning. That means you should host the event at an indoor venue.

The same goes for winter. If you have the event in a climate that’s notoriously cold or has extreme weather conditions, you’ll need heat from an indoor space. 

Fewer Logistics To Worry About

If you’re indoors, you don’t need to worry about setting up tents, protecting food from the elements, or setting up spaces for equipment and decorations. 


You might run into a few unexpected issues or drawbacks when choosing to have an indoor wedding. Consider the following. 

Limited Views and Space

Unfortunately, an indoor wedding won’t have the views or the space you would have if you booked an outdoor venue. If you require a better setting or have an extensive guest list, it may be a real drawback. 

Decor Restrictions

Many indoor facilities have restrictions for decor in the building. Additionally, the space might not be large enough to accommodate the decor you want to include. 

Artificial Lighting

Artificial lighting is never as good as natural lighting. The lighting in the room might be fluorescent or harsh, which can impact photos and video and take away from the ambience. 

Outdoor Wedding

Remember to consider the type and size of the wedding you’re planning when deciding if you want to arrange it indoors or outdoors. 


Here are some big bonuses when it comes to booking an outdoor venue. Are these points important for having the best wedding possible? 

It’s Easy To Keep The Decor Simple

The outdoors is naturally scenic, so you won’t need extravagant decor to soften the look or create an ideal atmosphere. If you book in a very scenic area, this is something to look forward to for a wedding. 

Natural Lighting!

Natural lighting for weddings just can’t be beaten. Do you want great-looking photos and videos of the bride and groom and all the other guests? Don’t forget that the natural lighting outside lends a romantic feel to the event. 

Beautiful Scenery

If you have access to beautiful scenery, it can make the wedding unforgettable. Do you have a place in mind with a beautiful landscape or sweeping views? This point can weigh heavily in many couples’ decisions. 

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

If you want to have your venue outdoors, you can fit many people, and children have room to roam and play. This can be extremely helpful for creating a relaxing and fun environment. 

Spacious Setting

Having plenty of space creates a more inviting wedding. When you have plenty of room to move around and spread out, everyone will be happier. 


There are several pros to having an outdoor wedding, but there are also some cons. Consider the following when choosing your venue. 

Unpredictable Weather

You can only predict the weather so far in advance. You’re taking a risk with the weather conditions at an outdoor venue. This consideration is pertinent if you have the event in an area notorious for pop-up showers or unpredictable weather patterns. 

Uncontrollable Surrounding Sounds

There’s usually going to be some background noise in an outdoor location. If the wedding is in an urban area or a somewhat busy residential or suburban area, you’ll deal with this factor. If you want to control noise, music, and related audio, outdoor venues can become a headache. 

You May Need To Bring In A Lot of Rentals

Outdoor spaces don’t usually have the things you need for your wedding, which means you need to rent them. Rental costs can quickly add up, so you should consider this factor if you’re sticking to a budget. 


Some other things related to the weather conditions matter too. Think about mosquitoes and gnats that tend to bite people in the warm weather months. You don’t want to have an event outdoors if the bugs bother everyone. It makes for a miserable experience. 

Want To Find Your Perfect Venue? We Got You!

Before choosing an outdoor or indoor venue for your event, there are several points to consider. You want to make sure you don’t overlook any critical details that can impact the outcome of the event day.

Planning is the key, whether a large wedding or a small corporate function. To get top-quality assistance with your venue choices and much more, reach out to us today and speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.

We can help you focus on specific needs and any potential issues with your existing ideas and work with you to fine-tune the preparations to get the best experience possible.

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