Wedding Favours Ideas That Will Delight Your Guests

Wedding Favours Ideas That Will Delight Your Guests

Are you trying to decide whether to include wedding favours for your Australian wedding? Or maybe you just need help choosing the best wedding favour ideas. Wedding favours are popular in Australia for many reasons. These small tokens tell guests that they are appreciated and that you want to give back to them. Consider them a special “thank you” for being there on your wedding day. A quality and well-thought-out gift will also showcase your personality, reminding guests of the time you enjoyed together at your wedding. Many couples select decorative or keepsake wedding favours so guests can enjoy them for years to come.

However, many couples struggle to find unique wedding favours that guests will truly enjoy. Below are some of the best wedding favours ideas so your guests leave the celebration just as happy as the married couple.

Personalized Jar Candles

Personalised jar candles are a useful gift that’s also thoughtful and usually well-received. Your guests can use the wedding favour for candle-lit dinners, relaxation at home, or decoration for a mantelpiece.

You can personalise the jar candles using your own names and designs. This reminds guests of the special occasion. You can also match the fragrance to the theme of the wedding, using scent to evoke fond memories of the time you shared together.

Letter and Leather Luggage Tags

A luggage tag is the perfect wedding favour for a destination wedding. In particular, leather luggage tags tend to last many years when made well. You can customise these luggage tags with your own lettering. Since everyone is travelling for the wedding, you can add the venue or hotel address and contact information to the tags. If anyone’s luggage goes missing on the journey, it will come right back.

Potted Plants

Potted plants can last a lifetime if they are treated well. They also come with many benefits, such as enhancing a space with natural colours and improving air quality for indoor areas. There are many potted plant options for you to choose from, with some of the most useful ones being aloe vera and peace lilies. Both of these plants are hardy and survive well, and the peace lily even flowers year-round, so it always keeps looking its best.

Custom Wedding Flip Flops

If your wedding is in Sydney or any other part of the country, flip flops should be acceptable footwear on and off the beach. You can make sure that everyone is as comfortable as possible by giving out pairs of custom wedding flip flops. Guests can wear these wedding favours to the ceremony or reception and then take them home to wear later, too. Match your flip flops with the wedding theme, and consider putting a thank you message on the soles.

Edible Wedding Favours

Food is one of the languages of the soul, which makes anything edible a practical option for wedding favours in Australia. If you’re hosting a destination wedding, you can find quality local ingredients and foods to use as souvenirs from the local area. You can give ingredients that will reshape how your guests cook or provide snacks they can’t find anywhere else.

Homemade edible wedding favours are another simple idea. If you know someone with a particular flair for food, your guests may appreciate something homemade that showcases the person’s talents. Wedding favours are an excellent way to advertise your friend’s skills while providing something delightful (and delicious!) for your guests.

Miniature Liquor Bottles

Miniature liquor bottles are easy to transport, simple, and can pack a bit of a punch for their small size. You can typically find customised options that include your name, wedding information, or special messages on the labelling. If not, you can add your own stickers with everything you want to say.

If you are giving out miniature liquor bottles as part of your wedding festivities, you can also fill them up with your own special blend of alcohol as opposed to something standard. You might have a unique punch mixture or your very own cocktail that your friends rave about at your parties. This can be bottled up and given out as gifts for all of your guests to treasure after they go home.


Wedding favours are just as popular in Australia as they are throughout the rest of the world. While they aren’t compulsory for any wedding party, your guests will definitely appreciate and cherish them. We recommend wedding favours when you want to create a memorable event that guests won’t quickly forget.

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