Rooftop Dining in Sydney: A Hidden Gem That You Should Try!

Looking for a memorable rooftop dining experience? Horse's Head is Sydney's hidden gem.

Rooftop Dining in Sydney: A Hidden Gem That You Should Try!

Imagine a New York rooftop vibe in the heart of Sydney.

Sounds fabulous, but where do you go to experience such a vibe?

Two words — Horse’s Head.

Craft cocktail enthusiasts and lovers of great food meet here to enjoy the one-of-a-kind atmosphere. It is Sydney’s newest social hub, and it’s making big waves.

Why Dine In a Rooftop Bar?

Besides the fact that Horse’s Head is the go-to spot in downtown Sydney, there are certain elements that only a rooftop bar can offer.

Provides Extra Ambience

Whether you’re meeting for after-work drinks or are planning a late-night date, Horse’s Head offers upscale menu items and a relaxed atmosphere. Offering plenty of unique characters, Horse’s Head is all about good vibes. After all, who wouldn’t want to sip delicious cocktails on a rooftop?

Insta-Worthy Setting

Taking pictures of yourself on a rooftop bar with fresh, vibrant cocktails is a sure thing when aiming to attract attention on Insta. Whether you’re taking a photo of a mixologist making your drink or a group photo with the city lights in the background, rooftop bars offer many “Insta-worthy” moments.

You, Will Fall in Love with the View

Whether you want to enjoy Sydney’s skyline or watch the hustle and bustle below, Horse’s Head gives you the opportunity to do just that. When drinking and dining on a rooftop bar, you feel on top of the world — even if only for a night.

Horse’s Head (A Hidden Gem That You Should Try In Sydney!) 

Located in Sydney’s Central Business District, Horse’s Head welcomes those from near and far. With rooftop views and a unique bar setting, there’s always something happening at Horse’s Head.

Hosting a range of exciting events, including live entertainment, Horse’s Head is the perfect gathering place. Every Thursday, enjoy 30% of the entire menu, including chef-made wood-fire pizzas.

For those seeking a more exclusive rooftop experience, you can hire out Horse’s Head to enjoy as your own private bar. Whether it be a work function or a milestone birthday, at Horse’s Head, you can easily become a rooftop VIP [1].

It’s Tequila O’Clock: Here Are Some Cocktail Drinks You Can Order

People flock to Horse’s Head for many reasons, especially for the cocktails.

At Horse’s Head, the bartenders don’t just throw ingredients in a glass. They understand the science behind a perfectly crafted cocktail and entertain with bartending flair.

We take great pride in the cocktails we create, including our Lychee Martini, Improved Bourbon Sour, and the Pink Demon — topped with Persian fairy floss.

For vodka fans, Lisa is a perfect choice. Made with vodka, St-Germain Elderflower, lemon juice, and raspberry puree, it’s the perfect balance of sweet and sour. More of a whisky enthusiast? Then the classic Horse’s Head is for you. Made with whisky, Angostura bitters, ginger ale, and lemon peel, it’s a timeless creation.

Looking For More Options? Check These Out!

Looking for a similar vibe with a different view? Be sure to stop by these two Sydney hotspots.

Montage Piazza

Day or night, you can dine by the bay, enjoying all that Montage has to offer. Located in the heart of Iron Cove Bay, Montage is a cafe by day and a piazza by night. Here, it’s all about great food, stunning views, and good company. Home-style Italian cuisine is what you’ll find at Montage, ranging from prawn gnocchi to gourmet pizzas. Group menus are also available [2].

Pop•Up Project 

Pop-Up Project is unlike any other dining experience. Pick a menu, pick a space, and you’re ready to dine. Most menus are for a minimum of ten people, featuring starter platters, entrée platters, sides, and desserts. There’s even a wood fire seafood menu, paired with Australia’s finest wines.

Come Dine with Us Rooftop-Style

Rooftop dining is all about the ambiance, picture-perfect moments, and stunning views.

Whether you’re on the rooftop at Horse’s Head or overlooking the bay at Montage, Navarra takes dining to the next level.

Grab a cocktail and a wood-fire pizza at Sydney’s most beloved hidden rooftop gem — visit us today!

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