Party Games For Kids: Let The Little Ones Enjoy The Party!

Party Games For Kids: Let The Little Ones Enjoy The Party!

Classic party games like “musical chairs,” “musical statues,” “spoon races,” and “hot potato” are popular with younger kids at any party. There will always be a game to match every party theme, and these games on our list are guaranteed to keep kids entertained.

Other party ideas for your next kid’s party include:

  • Dress ups
  • Ball pit
  • Obstacle course
  • Face painting

There are also classic games that no party should be left without. Here, we list ten party games that your party guests will surely love. Bring out the music and blow up the balloons and get ready to host the best party games on your next celebration. 

Simple Games for Kids’ Party 

Get ready to host the ultimate kids’ party with these fun games for younger and older kids alike. 

Potato Sack Race

The game’s mechanics are simple: A child stands inside a sack and begins to hop from the starting point to the finish line while their legs are inside the sack. The first person to reach the finish line is the winner. A pool noodle or other items can serve as an obstacle course for an added challenge.

Paint Twister

This is a great game that all the kids love. An adult will stand as the referee who will determine which body part will touch which color. As the players try to match the combination, they will eventually get into a twist with other players.

Treasure Hunt or Scavenger Hunt

Australia has had its share of pirates who sailed the seven seas. This game is perfect for a pirate-themed party. The goal is to find the hidden treasure chest with the help of clues. An easier way for younger children to play this fun game is to turn it into a photo scavenger hunt through picture clues.


In this classic party game that all the children love, the kids sit in groups. One person from each group will be a phrase or word which they will act out. Other members will have to guess the word based on the actions. 

Three-Legged Race

In this game, children are grouped into pairs. Each team has to stand beside their partner close enough so the two legs can be tied to each other. The kids race from the starting line to the finish line as a pair. Older kids love this game, especially at outdoor parties.

Simon Says

This game is a must-play for birthday games. The players follow the commands of one person, who will then be known as “Simon.” This person incorporates “Simon says…” at the beginning of their command. The point of the game is to follow Simon’s command only when it begins with the phrase “Simon says,” otherwise, you will end up losing. 

Water Balloon Toss

The water balloon toss is a sure hit for party guests and young children as one of your birthday party games, especially on a hot day. To play this game, children will play in pairs. When the music starts, the pair has to take a step back with each toss, making it harder to toss and catch the water balloon.

Musical Chairs

To play this game, arrange several chairs in a circle, with the seats facing out. The number of participants should exceed the number of chairs by one. Have the children stand around the circle of chairs and start the music. Once the music plays, the kids dance and go around the chairs and will continue to do so until the music stops. When the music stops, the kids sit, and the one left without a seat is eliminated. This will go on for several rounds until only one child is left. This child will be the musical chair winner.

Egg and Spoon Race

The egg and spoon race party game can be played by placing an egg on a spoon and having children hold the spoon while they walk as fast as they can to the finish line. The winner is the child holding the unbroken egg at the finish line. If you are hosting a toddler party, you can make it easier for the little ones by replacing the egg with a ping pong ball and securing it with sticky tape.


Have the child stand in front of the piñata or hang the piñata directly over the child’s head. The participant will then be blindfolded as he tries to hit the piñata with a bat. More than one child can play this game as other children take turns hitting and trying to open the piñata.

Bring Fun Games to Your Next Kids’ Party

Games make every party come alive, whether it’s a kid’s party, toddler party, birthday party, or summer party. Great games planned by experts will ensure that your young guests will have an amazing time at the party.

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