It’s Time to Organize and Host an Elegant High Tea Party in Sydney!

It’s Time to Organize and Host an Elegant High Tea Party in Sydney!

If you’re searching for “high tea party Sydney” and looking for an elegant way to spend an afternoon with your friends, read this article. This traditional English event is the perfect way to relax and catch up with your nearest and dearest. And what could be more charming than doing it all in Sydney? In this blog post, we’ll give you all the high tea party ideas you need to organize a high tea party that will leave your guests feeling impressed.

How to Host a High Tea Party?

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion like your upcoming wedding or simply hosting a gathering of friends, there are a few things to remember to ensure that your high tea party Sydney event is a success. For venue options, see the stunning range at Navarra.


A high tea party is a beautiful way to entertain friends and family. But what is a tea party, and where do you start? One of the most important considerations is choosing a theme.

You could go for a classic English tea party, with cucumber sandwiches and scones with clotted cream. Or you could opt for a more modern approach, with trendy canapés and champagne cocktails.

Alternatively, you might choose to theme your party around a particular era or culture. For example, you could have a Victorian-themed tea party with lace tablecloths and delicate porcelain teacups.

Whichever direction you choose, make sure to have fun with it. Your guests will be sure to appreciate your efforts.

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Scene Setting

When hosting a high tea party, it’s essential to pay attention to the little details that will make your event truly memorable. One of the most important aspects of hosting a high tea party is scene-setting. Creating a beautiful and inviting space will help your guests feel like they are truly in for a treat.

Here are a few tips for scene setting at your next high tea party:

Choose a stunning location: Whether you’re hosting your party at home or at a venue, choose a location that will wow your guests. A beautiful garden, an airy sunroom, or even a simple parlour can be the perfect place to host your high tea party.

Play soothing music: Soothing music is the perfect soundtrack to a high tea party. Think classical music, jazz, or even easy listening.

The Decorations

When decorating for your high tea party, less is more. A few simple vases of flowers, some delicate place settings, and a handful of well-chosen props are all you need to create a beautiful and inviting space.

Here are a few ideas for decorating your high tea party:


Bunting is a great way to add whimsy to your decor. Choose colours and patterns that complement your theme.


A vase of fresh flowers is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to your high tea party. Choose blooms that complement your theme and colour scheme.

Additional Extras

Balloons, banners, and other additional extras can help to add the finishing touches to your high tea party. But be sure to use them sparingly. Too many decorations can make your space feel cluttered and busy.

Setting The Table

Set the table: One of the best ways to set the scene for your high tea party is to create a stunning tablescape. Start by choosing a lovely tablecloth or runner. Then, arrange your teacups, saucers, plates, and silverware on the table. Add in some fun accents like flowers or candles to complete the look.

The Tablecloth

The tablecloth is one of the most critical elements of your high tea party. Choose a colour or pattern that complements your theme. For a more formal affair, opt for white or cream. For a fun and festive party, go for something brighter and bolder.


Doilies are a must-have for any high tea party. They add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any tablescape. 

Cake Stand

What is a tea party without a cake stand? Choose a stand that complements the theme of your party. For a more formal affair, choose a classic silver or white cake stand.

Making the Perfect Cup of Tea

No high tea party would be complete without a pot of freshly brewed tea or delicious baked goods. When making the perfect cup of tea, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Choose the right tea: There are many different types of tea to choose from. When selecting the right one for your high tea party, consider the time of day, the occasion, and your personal preferences.

Boil water to the correct temperature: boiling water that is too hot will make your tea taste bitter. Boil water to around 80-85 degrees Celsius for best results.

Steep for the right amount of time: Depending on the tea you’re using, you’ll need to steep for different amounts of time. For most teas, the general rule is to soak for around three minutes.

The Etiquette of Hosting a High Tea Party

When hosting a high tea party, it’s essential to be mindful of proper etiquette. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Send out invitations at least two weeks in advance. This will give your guests plenty of time to RSVP and make necessary arrangements.

Include a dress code on your invitations. For a more formal affair, opt for something like “cocktail attire” or “semi-formal.” For a less formal party, you can request that your guests wear their Sunday best.


Organizing and hosting one of the best high tea parties Sydney has seen is a fun and easy way to entertain guests. By following the high tea party ideas above, you can host a high tea party that your guests will remember long after the last cup of tea has been drunk.

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