Indian Wedding at Navarra Venues

Indian Wedding at Navarra Venues

Indian weddings are a magical blend of different cultures, languages, and styles that connect families with history and tradition when two people come together to build a new family.

Because there are many different languages in India with many distinct wedding styles and practices, it’s essential that you choose from the best Indian wedding venues in Sydney. This way, you can ensure an authentic experience where everyone you work with on our end has the right expertise and knowledge about creating a fantastic wedding that you and your family will never forget.

So, what will you need to consider when you start planning an Indian wedding in Sydney? We have covered everything for you below, so let’s begin.

Things to Consider When Planning an Indian Wedding in Sydney

Best Chefs

Indian food is some of the best globally, and it takes an experienced and knowledgeable team of chefs to recreate some of the things that an Indian mother, aunt, or grandmother can achieve in the kitchen. Northern dishes vary widely from their southern counterparts, and there are many more styles in between.

An authentic Indian wedding will have food front and centre. At Navarra, we provide customers with full menu and catering options cooked by qualified and experienced chefs customised to your specific requirements.

Expansive and Flexible Venue

The best Indian wedding venues in Sydney are large, expansive, and flexible. A functional space is one where you can easily rearrange the room for each part of the wedding, whether it’s to dance or to erect a wedding mandap.

By having a flexible venue like the many offered by our team, you won’t need to travel between different locations for each activity when you can pull out all the stops in one place as required. Remember to choose a venue that is easily accessible to everyone and has nearby accommodation so that any guests who have travelled to be there don’t have to go far.


Vibrant, dynamic weddings always need a powerful dose of glamour and colour to match the occasion’s atmosphere. All of your guests will arrive in their best sarees, sherwanis, and more, so incorporating bright, colourful, and glamorous decorations and themes is necessary.

You will likely already have many ideas about what you want if you haven’t already planned every detail and ordered décor items. If you have any inquiries or ideas that you aren’t sure about, then our team can lend you our 47+ years of experience in the industry to guarantee an honest and beautiful experience.

Expert Team Who Understands Your Requirements

You don’t want to entrust such a momentous day to anybody who isn’t knowledgeable about your needs and requirements. There are so many varieties of Indian weddings that a one-size-fits-all approach is not appropriate, meaning you need to partner with professionals who will get to know you and understand your requirements.

Venue with a Superior Network of Specialist Suppliers

Because our team at Navarra has worked with many couples and families to provide the perfect Indian weddings, we already have a long list of vetted and professional suppliers for all equipment, food, materials, and services you may need.

You won’t need to look high and low for any specialty products when you have access to all our industry contacts right here in Sydney.

Select Your Bridal Lehnga or Wedding Dress

Perhaps the most important part of an Indian wedding is a bridal Lehnga that separates the bride in all her beauty apart from everyone else present. Remember to choose something that you’re comfortable wearing that embodies your style rather than focusing only on the latest trends.

You will also want to choose the proper silhouette for the bride’s body type. Make sure to select the right colours and embellishments for the specific type of Indian wedding that reflects the family and culture appropriately.

The Perfect Indian Wedding Venue in Sydney

There are many different Indian wedding venues in Sydney that you can choose from, with large open spaces and excellent styles and décor options to create an occasion that no one will forget about anytime soon.

Creating an authentic Indian wedding involves several moving components, from organising and planning the catering, decorations, keeping everyone on the same page, and much more. That is why it’s essential to work with experienced wedding professionals who have helped many couples plan out their weddings without issue.

If you’re ready to take the next step in planning out an Indian wedding in Sydney, from organising a venue, catering, and having experts by your side for advice and more, contact our team here and get started.

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