How to Plan an Engagement Party Checklist for Busy Couples

How to Plan an Engagement Party Checklist for Busy Couples

An Engagement party checklist can turn your first significant event as a couple into a walk in the park, especially if both you and your partner lead busy lives. Not using a checklist for an engagement party leaves a chance that you might forget something, making it harder to follow proper engagement party etiquette

Make a Plan that Clarifies the Important Details 

The first item on the engagement party checklist is to make a plan on paper that you can use to guide all of your future decisions regarding the engagement party. The first and most important item will be deciding on a host. Will either of your parents be paying for and hosting the engagement party? Or will you fund and host the party yourself? 

Other essential items to include in your engagement party plan include: 

  • How big is your budget? 
  • Will you invite only close family? Or wider family and friends? 
  • What theme do you want? 
  • Will the party be formal? Or casual? 
  • How long do you want the party to last? 
  • Do you want the party to celebrate a particular aspect of your relationship? 
  • What season will you prefer for your party? 

Choose Your Preferred Dates 

After the excitement of the proposal, try to set a date for your engagement party that is close enough to have that excitement still but not so close that there isn’t time to plan. Planning the party for just a few months after the proposal is excellent because the magic and excitement from getting engaged will still be alive and strong. 

Choose a more comfortable season without extreme weather like heavy rain or heat. You may also need to find a date that works well for parents and anyone who lives on a tight schedule who can’t miss it. 

Make Your Guest List 

Design your guest list based on your party plan, including either close family and friends or a longer list of wider family and friends. The specific size of your guest list will need to match your budget, so come to an agreement with your partner about who absolutely has to be there and who you can be flexible with just in case things start going over budget. 

If you want your bridal party to come to your pre-wedding events, then it is time to select who they will be and include them in the guest list. 

Decide on a Venue 

With your preferred dates, the size of your guest list, and the details outlined in your party plan, you will be ready to choose a venue. Depending on the style and formality of the party, you might opt for your own or someone else’s backyard, a restaurant, or a luxurious engagement party and wedding reception venue.

Get the Right Decorations and Party Equipment 

Look for decorations, furniture, and more that follow your chosen theme and colour scheme, and remember that you can throw in some fun party ideas, too, including:

  • Karaoke equipment 
  • Flower garlands 
  • Funny photo booth props 
  • Fake rings for a “ring hunt” game 
  • Any equipment for games you want to incorporate

Find a Caterer 

One of the essential items on an engagement party checklist after making the party plan, that is, is to find an excellent engagement party caterer. The right caterer will be able to handle the number of guests attending, and they can provide a range of food options to cater to different dietary needs. If the party is going to be at a venue and not in someone’s house, see if you can find a caterer with experience working in that venue. 

Find a Good Photographer 

Try not to rely on your guest’s photos of the event, as there is no guarantee that these will be good quality. A great photographer will use lighting and staging to their advantage, and they can bring extra energy that helps everyone look their best. 

Find Some Helpers for the Day 

Many people will ask if there is anything they can help with on the day. Still, it’s good practice to nominate two or three dedicated helpers you can rely on for the behind-the-scenes details. This way, you won’t have to be in five different places at once when you should be at the party’s centre, enjoying the moment.

Hire a Dedicated Host for your Engagement Party 

Having a professional on your team is an excellent way for busy couples to throw the best parties without a significant time commitment. Navarra Venues takes care of the ins and outs of venue hire, catering, and styling while providing additional guidance and support. Contact Navarra Venues today for more information. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for the latest tips and tricks for engagement parties, weddings, and more.

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