How to Plan an Unforgettable Small Garden Wedding?

How to Plan an Unforgettable Small Garden Wedding?

Garden wedding venues are a memorable and personal option for weddings. Whether you want to tie the knot in your backyard, at a family member’s or friend’s house or in a public or private garden or park, there’s a perfect venue out there for you. The picturesque background of a garden adds a fairy-tale element to any event, especially weddings. 

Because this will mean hosting your wedding outside, you need to consider a few things to maximise the experience and ensure everything goes smoothly. This includes checking local marriage requirements, regulations, weather, and choosing the best location. 

Speak to a Wedding Consultant 

One of the easiest ways to find the best garden wedding venues in Sydney is to speak first with a wedding consultant. Before choosing the perfect garden location, you will need a clear idea about what kind of wedding you want, the theme and formality, colours, accessibility, and more. 

While a wedding planner takes care of all the arrangements on the day, a wedding consultant will help ensure every little detail is thought of from the start. They can also provide valuable information on local laws and regulations, as well as lessons learned from past experiences that will guide your own wedding journey. 

Weatherproof Your Day of Wedding 

Being outdoors, you never really know what can happen, be it rain, cold wind, or stifling heat. In winter, supply emergency raincoats and towels if there is a chance of rain and heaters for cold snaps. In summer, ensure plenty of shaded areas for your guests for hot weather and cold refreshments. 

Choose a Garden Venue That Will Look Beautiful at the Time of Your Wedding 

The season and the time of day will change how appropriate a specific location is for your wedding. Choose the time of year when the garden’s flowers bloom, and the area is at its finest with adequate drainage if rain is expected. Some locations, such as the Enchanted Garden and the Rose Garden at Oatland House, have good indoor and outdoor space for all weather conditions, while others may not. 

Once you have settled on a few of your favourite options, think about how you want the sun’s angle to brighten up the wedding. Or consider how the sun could be a problem and get in everyone’s eyes. In most cases, when the sun is in everyone’s eyes, you can orientate yourselves in another direction. However, the time of day will be crucial if you want a specific background or setting. 

Make Sure Your Venue is Exclusive Use 

Exclusive use essentially means you have the exclusive rights to use the space for a set time, and you can choose, through invitation, who can and cannot be present. You can book some public parks and spaces for exclusive use, but if you don’t follow this step, anyone will be able to attend, and you won’t have the power to ask them to leave.  

Only Invite Your Personal VIPs 

Sydney’s best garden wedding venues will often have limited spacing compared to a large indoor venue. So spend some time balancing the guest list with the venue’s capacity so everyone invited can participate fully. 

An exclusive garden wedding with only your personal VIPs will heighten the experience as only those closest to you will be attending.

Draw up a Budget 

Your wedding consultant will be able to help with your budget. But remember to leave room for additional venue costs such as exclusive-use bookings, outdoor equipment, and necessary application fees. 

You should have a rough idea of how much you can afford for your wedding. Sticking to your budget when selecting a venue, decorations, and everything else is crucial to limit wedding-related stress and later debt.

Check If There Are Any Rules and Regulations that Might Affect Your Event 

Like all weddings, you must follow NSW law regarding informing a celebrant at least one month beforehand. If you plan on hosting the wedding in a public space, you might not be able to serve alcohol to guests in some parts of Sydney. Luckily, the City of Sydney has a regularly-updated map designating the alcohol status of parts of the city so you can avoid any alcohol-free areas if necessary.

Provide Your Guests with What They Will “Possibly” Need 

Stay prepared for the outdoors by bringing extra items along to look after what your guests may need. Comfortable shoes for women whose high heels do not agree with soft grass, rain jackets, extra water and snacks, hay fever medication, and first aid kits to cover any possibilities. 

Come Talk with a Member of the Navarra Team 

Planning a small garden wedding might come with a few extra considerations. But ultimately, it will give you a better environment and scenery and create an authentic fairy-tale wedding experience. Take the time of year, time of day, and weather into consideration, and if in public, check if there are any alcohol bans if you plan on drinking. Contact our team if you’d like to take the next step in booking some of Sydney’s best garden wedding venues. Or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram for the latest advice.

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