Happy 16th Birthday!: Here’s How You Can Throw A Party For Your Special Day

Happy 16th Birthday!: Here’s How You Can Throw A Party For Your Special Day

So, your teenager’s 16th birthday is just around the corner! While a backyard gathering may have been “all good” for years past, that simply will not make a memorable experience for your guests or, for that matter, your teenager. To make it count, you’ll have to plan an event that’s the talk of the town for years to come. Navarra can help you get set with a stunning venue, but the rest of the party is up to you!

Sweet 16 Themes

Does your party need a theme? No. But aside from tying the whole event together, it can serve as the backdrop to plan everything else.


One could hardly argue a celebration of the precipice of adulthood should be childish; to the contrary, it should be opulent through and through. Crystalware, fine cutlery, and food deserving of matching fancy plates could adorn your seating arrangement, which, of course, is announced with carefully calligraphed cardstock. Your guests will dine on decadent desserts while dressed in their absolute best; no Michelin-star restaurant reservation is needed!  


Your guests will be posting all over Instagram no matter what you do, so why not make it the reason they come? This event could be the thing that boosts everyone’s follower count and possibly nail a brand deal or two. Forget the cheesy dress-up for your photo booth; get a custom “step and repeat” backdrop like one from Oh my Print Solutions. It’s also a great excuse to get everyone on the dance floor for the latest TikTok trend! 

Sweet 16 Decorations

While a venue like Navarra can give you a stunning space, some simple decorations will make their 16th birthday uniquely unforgettable.


A bright and brilliant way to stand out, a neon sign will light up the night. Neon Party has a variety of illuminating signs, everything from “It’s my birthday” to custom designs. Put it on a wall to give your guests one of the most incredible backdrops they’ll ever encounter. Because neon is a timeless design, you can use it again and again for many birthdays to come!


Bold, beautiful, and a way to show some creativity, flowers can be much more than a space filler or a table setting. A florist will ensure your arrangements and colours fit the venue and make it pop. Even more astonishing, add a betta fish to the vase (and make sure you have compatible plants) to bring some real life to your decor. Your guests can then take home the table arrangement when your party concludes.

Sweet 16 Party Games

“Minute to Win It”

Based on the popular game show, your guests will compete in wild challenges that seem just too easy until the clock starts ticking! Put a cookie on their forehead and force them to wiggle their facial muscles until it lands in their mouth…or the floor. How about stopping three balloons from touching the ground? One of the best is called “Junk in the Trunk:” players have an empty Kleenex box tied to their backside and must shimmy and shake to get all eight ping pong balls out. It’s fun to figure out that your friends have unusual skills up their sleeves.

Food Decorating

Cookies or cupcakes become an edible canvas when guests are invited to make their own. Give them icing, sprinkles, whipped cream, and more to see who is an artist and who is, well, trying really hard. Turn up the heat by having them vote on their favourites before being devoured. 

Sweet 16 Food Ideas


Alcohol is still a few years away, but your drink list doesn’t have to be restricted to juice and soft drinks. Platinum Bar Solutions can give you a full-service bar with inventive drinks. This addition will make your precious teenager’s birthday unique and stop your menu from falling flat. 

Cultural Experience

Imagine a worldwide trip in the form of a buffet line as your guests sample succulent treats. Miniature hot dogs and pizzas are a little overdone, so why not get a menu showcasing cuisine from around the globe? Check out Chapa, who can bring the flavours of South America without the need for airfare.

A Birthday to Remember

No matter what you decide, you’ll need a place to host your party. Trust Navarra to provide a beautiful venue with stunning picturesque views and ample space. Leaders in event space, your guests will be amazed from the moment they drive up to every time they see photos from the event. The only thing left to do is fill that space in a way that celebrates you, so what are you waiting for?

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