How to Celebrate Both Gender Reveal and Baby Shower

How to Celebrate Both Gender Reveal and Baby Shower

A baby’s birth is always met with much anticipation from friends and family. If you’re expecting a little one on the way, you may be thinking of ways to celebrate the new arrival of your bundle of joy. Or you may have that expectant close friend you want to surprise with a party. Either way, deciding what type of party to throw takes work.

But have you thought about putting the two events together? Here are some baby shower gender reveal ideas to throw the best party for that new bundle of joy.

What is Gender Reveal and Baby Shower?

A gender-reveal and baby shower is two events rolled into one party. It combines the concept of a traditional baby shower with a more modern concept of a gender reveal party. Most gender-reveal baby shower parties have fun games, festive food, and gifts for the baby and mom-to-be.

Difference Between a Gender-Reveal and a Baby Shower

Still can’t decide how to throw the ultimate gender reveal baby shower? Here’s the difference between a gender-reveal and a baby shower to help you along.

Baby Shower

The celebration of baby showers has been practised since the 1950s to ensure that the expectant mother doesn’t worry about the things a new baby would need. This is a fun gathering where guests can play games and share food.

Invited guests to the baby shower are expected to bring gifts for the expectant mother and the baby. A family member or a close friend usually arranges the event and the guest list is exclusively female; to avoid any embarrassment when discussing private matters about childbirth.

Gender-Reveal Party

Gender-reveal parties are a more modern approach to the traditional practice of throwing baby showers. Baby showers became popular in the early 2000s as a fun way for parents to share to the public their baby’s gender.

A baby’s biological gender can be determined through an ultrasound at twenty weeks into the pregnancy. Parents can celebrate a gender reveal party any time after the twenty-week mark. Some gender reveal parties are even celebrated well into the third trimester!

Some parents also opt not to know their baby’s gender beforehand and, in most cases, will nominate a trusted friend or family member to make arrangements for the party. It’s a fun way for parents to be part of the anticipation in guessing whether their baby will be born a boy or a girl. 

Benefits of Combining Gender-Reveal and Baby Shower Celebration

If you haven’t decided yet whether you want to do a gender reveal baby shower, here are some of the benefits of having both parties together:


Celebrating one party instead of two separate parties saves time on planning and decorations. This also makes time for parents to settle into their new role as they go into nesting by preparing their home for their new baby.

Lower Budget and Expenses

A gender-reveal baby shower is a more cost-effective way of celebrating a baby’s birth. Having two events together lowers the cost versus having two separate parties.

Focusing on the Birth

A baby shower and gender reveal party will free up more time for the expectant parents and enable them to focus on essential matters surrounding the baby’s birth.

Gender-Reveal Baby Shower Ideas

Keen on doing a gender reveal baby shower? Here are some ideas to get you started:

Theme Party

Plan your baby shower and gender reveal party around a theme and ask guests to dress according to the party theme.

Gender-Reveal Games

Look up fun party games that could involve guessing the baby’s gender for a fun gender-reveal party.


Send out gender-reveal baby shower invitations to guests to let them know it’s a two-in-one celebration.

Gift Registry

Ensure that the mom-to-be has everything she needs by signing up for a gift registry.

Book the Best Venue for a Gender Reveal Baby Shower

Planning a gender reveal baby shower takes a considerable amount of preparation. You must draft a guest list, sign up for a registry, plan the games, and decide on the food. The list of things to do can go on and on, but you can tick one thing off your to-do list – the venue. Ensure the best gender reveal baby shower by booking the right venue.

Navarra Venues has the best location in Sydney for the ultimate gender reveal baby shower. Whether you’re planning an intimate affair with close friends and family or a grand gender reveal party, Navarra Venues has the facilities that you need.

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