Love always finds a way even if everything around you is falling apart and times might be tough with endless restrictions imposed on weddings.


Love always finds a way even if everything around you is falling apart and times might be tough with endless restrictions imposed on weddings. The question of will you marry me always brings out the smiles and love “glow” that goes with a proposal.

Sydney Banker Justin Khoury aged 29 has known Psychologist Monica Habib 25, for just under a year when he knew she was the one. This is why the proposal was imminent. Men and women want to find the perfect partner in life and every romantic movie you watch always portrays this scenario.When the proposal actually happens in real life it is all the more special.

“I knew she was the one when I first laid eyes on her and the rest has been history,” says Mr Khoury

Justin liaised with Navarra Venues Event Producer Maryam Elkordi who helped plan the entire surprise proposal. Maryam called the internal marketing department and organised for a fake menu to send to Monica who thought she was coming to a menu tasting. Another menu with place cards were also produced for this proposal but Monica had no idea what was about to unfold on the weekend.

“It’s really difficult to understand how amazing Maryam was on the day. She went above and beyond at every single opportunity and it felt like she was doing things from her heart. You can tell that this is more than a job for Maryam – it’s a burning passion. We’re both really thankful for all her help,” he says.

The Event Producer Maryam made sure the backdrop with the lettering was all in place and everything in regards to styling including table settings to the food was perfect. Justin was the first to take up an NV Experience specifically designed for such instances all attached with suitable packages. All our Event Producers are aware of these packages and at present we have softly launched this brand.

“Everybody from Curzon Hall did an amazing job. Everybody commented about the effort that was put in, the amazing set up, the incredible service and the quality of the food.”

Take a sneak peak at Justin & Monica’s wedding proposal menu at Navarra Venues Curzon Hall:


Fresh hand rolled penne pasta tossed in fresh tomato and basil sauce garnished with parmesan cheese and fresh basil leaf.

Platter per table

Prawn and Victorian scallop shell, red pepper and sherry vinegar, potato puree and rocket

Main Course (Alternate Serve)

Chicken Involtini infused with sautéed spinach and provolone picante served on a tower of seasoned risotto with a cream sauce and baby broccolini

Slow cooked lamb shoulder served on sweet potato mash and baby broccolini drizzled with a light jus.


Panna cotta served on strawberry couli topped with pink fairy floss

Monica’s reaction was nothing he could have expected because she was completely taken by surprise and was so overwhelmed with emotion that he was glad he planned it in this way.

“ I had completely no idea that this was going to happen and was blown away by all the effort that Justin put into making this the most perfect proposal I could have ever imagined. Not only did he put together such an amazing proposal, he also did an amazing job at throwing me off and my reaction speaks for itself,” says Monica

“I can honestly say that I knew Justin was the one for me since the day I met him and he has made me feel so incredibly special and loved. The fairytale of the proposal is the perfect embodiment of our relationship. I could not be happier,” she says

Justin and Monica hope to get married by the end of 2021 and really hope the pandemic will be under control and that weddings will go back to normal with dancing, singing and mingling.

They plan to get married at Curzon Hall’s Castle in November 2021 and envision having a wedding party of up to 300 guests. At present there is a cap of 150 people and if these NSW wedding restrictions continue they still intend to go ahead with their wedding.

“We’re both pretty creative people and so I’m sure we’ll find a way to make it work within the limits,” says Mr Khoury.

At the moment they are enveloped in a cloud of love and pure overwhelming happiness due to the engagement. Monica cannot help but show off her gorgeous diamond engagement ring that every woman would be envious to be in her position. On the other hand Justin is feeling pretty pleased with himself. Absolutely stoked that it ran smoothly and now he can focus on helping with the wedding arrangements.

The ideal surroundings for love is not the current environment with the global coronavirus pandemic but no matter what happens if you concentrate on the two of you love will find a way. Bachelor’s, if you find yourselves stumped and need some help in choosing the right venue and want to create the perfect atmosphere then Navarra Venues Event Producers might just have some ideas for you to explore.

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