How Many People Should Be Invited to Your Wedding Party? (Small, Medium, and Big Weddings)

How Many People Should Be Invited to Your Wedding Party? (Small, Medium, and Big Weddings)

Finding the perfect balance between an intimate gathering and a grand celebration can be quite a challenge when planning your wedding party. After all, the number of guests you invite can greatly influence the overall ambience and atmosphere of your special day. So, how many people should you invite to your wedding? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll try to answer this burning question and provide you with valuable insights to help you make an informed decision. Whether you envision a cosy affair surrounded by your closest loved ones or a dazzling event filled with friends and family from near and far, this blog will cover everything you need to know about planning your wedding party guest list.

What is Classed as a Small Wedding?

Intimacy, attention to detail, and cherished moments shared with your closest loved ones – are the hallmarks of a small wedding. But what truly defines a small wedding? Is it the guest count, the venue size, or something more? Let’s break it down:

Guest Count

Generally, a small wedding is characterised by having fewer than 50 guests. This allows for a more intimate gathering, filled with the people who hold a special place in your heart. With a smaller group, you can create an atmosphere where conversations flow effortlessly, bonds strengthen, and cherished memories are made.

Venue Size

When venues boast about having the ideal space for a small wedding, they basically refer to a setting that can comfortably accommodate around 50-60 guests. These venues are carefully designed to create an intimate and cosy atmosphere, ensuring that everyone feels connected and included in your special day. From charming chapels to picturesque gardens or a cosy family-owned space, smaller venues set the stage for an atmosphere brimming with warmth and togetherness. A smaller venue allows for an immersive experience, where every guest feels involved and connected.


With a reduced guest count, you can allocate your budget more thoughtfully, focusing on quality over quantity. This way, you can invest your resources into exquisite details, such as customised decor, gourmet dining experiences, or even a unique destination wedding. A smaller scale allows you to indulge in the finer aspects of your celebration, making every moment truly unforgettable.

Personalisation and Attention

One of the major advantages of a small wedding is the ability to personalise every aspect of your special day. With a smaller guest count, you can give each guest individual attention, creating an intimate and memorable experience for everyone. From personalised vows to customised wedding favours, a small wedding allows you to infuse your unique love story into every detail.

Benefits of Small Weddings

Small weddings offer a multitude of advantages that make them truly special. Firstly, they create an intimate and personal atmosphere, allowing you to connect deeply with your guests and share cherished moments together. With a more manageable guest count, you can allocate your budget more selectively, ensuring that each aspect of your celebration receives the attention it deserves. This opens up possibilities for indulging in exquisite details, personalised touches, and unique experiences that leave a lasting impression on your loved ones. 

In addition, small weddings are easier to manage, allowing you to focus on the finer details and create a seamless and memorable experience for everyone involved. The relaxed and intimate ambience of a small wedding allows you and your partner to truly savour the company of your guests, fostering genuine connections and creating lifelong memories in an environment filled with love and celebration.

Tips to Make a Small Wedding Special

Planning a small wedding presents an opportunity to think outside the box and make your celebration uniquely extraordinary. Consider incorporating personal touches that reflect your love story, such as creating a photo wall showcasing memorable moments, arranging interactive activities or games for guests to enjoy, or even arranging surprise performances or heartfelt speeches. If you are dreaming of an enchanting outdoor celebration surrounded by nature’s beauty, don’t forget to check out our blog on “How to Plan an Unforgettable Small Garden Wedding?” It’s filled with expert tips, creative ideas, and practical advice to help you create a magical garden wedding that will leave you and your guests with cherished memories for a lifetime.

What is Classed as a Medium Wedding?

Somewhere between an intimate gathering and a grand celebration lies the charm of a medium-sized wedding. Let’s take a look at the defining factors that classify a wedding as medium-sized.

Guest Count

A medium-sized wedding typically falls in the range of 75 to 150 guests. This guest count strikes a balance between an intimate gathering and a larger-scale event. It allows you to include a wider circle of family and friends while still maintaining a personal and warm atmosphere.

Venue Size

For medium-sized weddings, you’ll need a space that can comfortably accommodate your guest count, offering ample room for dining, dancing, and socialising. Consider versatile venues such as banquet halls, spacious gardens, or elegant event spaces that can be customised to reflect your vision and create a memorable backdrop for your celebration.


Medium-sized weddings offer flexibility in terms of budget allocation. With a larger guest count than a small wedding, you’ll need to consider the expenses associated with catering, decor, and entertainment. However, you can still exercise some selectivity, prioritising key elements that are important to you while staying within a reasonable budget range.

Wedding Party Size

In a medium-sized wedding, the wedding party, including bridesmaids, groomsmen, and other participants, is slightly larger than in a small wedding. This allows you to involve more of your closest friends and family members in your special day, creating a sense of inclusion and shared excitement. The extended wedding party provides an opportunity to honour and celebrate your relationships with those who have played significant roles in your lives.

Key Elements in Medium Size Wedding

Medium-sized weddings offer the opportunity to incorporate elements that enhance the overall experience. With a moderate guest count, you can explore elaborate decor arrangements, create unique entertainment options, and curate customised experiences for your guests. Consider incorporating interactive stations, live music performances, themed photo booths, or even surprise elements that reflect your personality and make your wedding one to remember.

Benefits of a Medium-Sized Wedding

A medium-sized wedding brings its own set of advantages. It allows you to strike a balance between having a bigger number of loved ones present while still maintaining an intimate atmosphere. This size of celebration offers a lively and energetic ambience, where guests can mingle, connect, and celebrate together. With a larger group, there is a sense of excitement and joy that permeates the atmosphere, creating lasting memories for both you and your guests.

Tips to Make a Medium Wedding Special

To create an unforgettable medium-sized wedding, infuse it with charm, intimacy, and thoughtful touches. Tailor every aspect of the celebration to reflect the couple’s distinct style and love story. Select a venue that exudes warmth and ambience, adorned with carefully chosen decorations and soft lighting. Add an element of interactivity by including a personalised guest book or a whimsical photo booth. Delight your guests with unique favours that showcase your appreciation, accompanied by handwritten notes that convey your heartfelt gratitude. And don’t forget to sprinkle the day with surprise moments, creating memories that will be treasured for a lifetime. This is your chance to make your wedding a truly extraordinary experience, brimming with love, connection, and joy.

What is Classed as a Big Wedding?

A big wedding sets the stage for a grand and awe-inspiring celebration, marked by several defining characteristics that distinguish it from smaller affairs. In the following section, we’ll explore the defining characteristics, considerations, and benefits/challenges associated with hosting a big wedding:

Guest Count

In a big wedding, the guest count often exceeds 200 or more attendees. It often includes a large network of family members, friends, acquaintances, and even colleagues, resulting in a bustling and vibrant atmosphere. The extensive guest list allows you to celebrate with a diverse range of people, creating a sense of community and togetherness.


If you’re planning to celebrate your wedding on a massive scale, look for a spacious location that can comfortably accommodate a large number of guests. Grand ballrooms, expansive event spaces, or outdoor venues with ample seating are popular choices. The venue sets the stage for the grandeur and elegance expected in a big wedding, providing a captivating backdrop for the celebrations.


A big wedding often comes with a higher budget to accommodate the larger scale and various aspects of the event. From venue rental and catering to decorations, entertainment, and professional services, such as photography and videography, allocating resources appropriately is essential. It allows you to create a visually stunning and memorable experience that lives up to the grandness of the occasion.

Common Characteristics of Big Weddings

Big weddings often feature lavish décor, extravagant floral arrangements, elaborate setups, and sophisticated lighting to create a visually stunning ambience. They may include multi-course gourmet meals, live bands or DJs, professional photographers and videographers, and even additional entertainment options like fireworks displays or cultural performances.

The definition of a big wedding can also be influenced by legal and cultural factors. In some regions, certain legal requirements or cultural traditions may determine the size of a big wedding. For example, cultural expectations, such as inviting large extended families and honouring community ties, can contribute to the magnitude of the celebration.

Benefits and Challenges of Hosting a Big Wedding

Hosting a big wedding offers several benefits, such as the opportunity to celebrate with a vast network of loved ones and create an unforgettable experience on a grand scale. The ambience and energy of a large gathering can be truly exhilarating. However, it also presents challenges, including logistics, coordination, and managing a larger guest list. Effective communication, meticulous planning, and the assistance of experienced professionals such as wedding planners and coordinators can help overcome these challenges and ensure a seamless event.

Tips to Decide What Size is Right for You?

Choosing the right size for your wedding can feel overwhelming, but with a few considerations, you can find the perfect fit that aligns with your vision and priorities. Here are some tips to help you decide on the size that’s right for you:

  • Start by envisioning your dream wedding. Do you imagine an intimate gathering surrounded by your closest loved ones or a grand celebration filled with friends and family from near and far? Consider the atmosphere and ambience you want to create on your special day.
  • Next, define your guest list criteria based on your priorities. Are there essential family members and close friends you cannot imagine getting married without? Are you open to inviting extended family and acquaintances? Be clear about who you want to share this momentous occasion with.
  • Take into account the capacity and suitability of potential venues. Some venues are better suited for smaller, more intimate weddings, while others can accommodate larger gatherings. Ensure that the venue aligns with your preferred wedding size and offers the desired atmosphere.
  • Your budget is one of the deciding factors in determining the size of your wedding. Consider the financial implications of a larger guest count, including venue costs, catering, decorations, and other expenses. Be realistic about what you can comfortably afford and allocate your resources accordingly.
  • Think about how personalisation and attention to detail can be achieved within different wedding sizes. Smaller weddings often allow for more personalised experiences and quality time with each guest, while larger weddings provide an opportunity to celebrate with a broader network of loved ones.
  • Consider the logistics and practicalities of managing different wedding sizes. Think about the level of coordination, organisation, and communication required for each scenario. Assess your comfort level with handling these aspects or consider hiring a wedding planner to assist you.
  • Ultimately, trust your instincts and choose the size that feels most authentic and meaningful to you. Your wedding day should be a reflection of your values, desires, and the love you share with your partner. Follow your heart and make a decision that brings you joy and fulfilment.

Discover Your Dream Wedding Destination Where Love Takes Centre Stage

Choosing the right wedding size is a deeply personal decision that requires careful consideration of your preferences, vision, and budget. It’s essential to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all answer. What truly matters is creating a day that reflects your love story and brings your dream wedding to life.

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