Planning Your Next Corporate Event

Planning Your Next Corporate Event

Sourcing an event venue can be a tiresome task if you don’t plan ahead. A checklist of must-haves will be your best friend and your key to success. Headlining your list should be location, location, location.

When planning your corporate event a unique destination can go a long way to achieving your overall goal and may even turn your monthly seminar, training day, networking event into a noteworthy achievement. So if your usual go-to venue is getting more and more declined attendee invites then it’s time to venture outside your comfort zone. Consider hosting an event at Curzon Hall, an iconic sandstone castle in Sydney’s Marsfield that offers a unique location for hosting unforgettable events. Or better yet, host an event amongst manicured gardens attached to a unique vineyard – with Oatlands House offering a restored Georgian style setting located in Western Sydney’s Parramatta district.

It’s not as complicated as you think; if you’re located away from your central business district and usually steer clear of inner city venues because of traffic, parking or cost, you might be surprised. To avoid over the top parking fees and traffic delays arrange a bus for the commute to and from the venue. If you have a little more disposable cash reserve car parks at the nearest parking station, reputable car park companies will offer a discount for group bookings. Consider hosting an event at the iconic Conca D’oro, located in southern Sydney and only 18 kilometres south of the CBD. With an array of opulently appointed private rooms suitable for any type of event, this is the ideal location for your guests to experience a city escape in style.

If your company calls the bustling inner city home then sourcing a corporate event venue a few minutes outside of the CBD will provide your colleagues with a much needed scenery change. Only consider outer city event venues that provide on-site parking. If you want to make things even easier, arrange for a bus. Remember 20 minutes travel time should be your maximum, anything more your attendance list may suffer. Consider Le Montage, the perfect waterfront venue offering a sophisticated and contemporary event centre overlooking the sparkling waters of Iron Cove Bay. Just a short distance from the CBD, this is the perfect destination to mix business with pleasure.

So don’t be afraid to put in that little bit of effort to find a venue outside of your usual rotation. Your company will thank you for it.

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