40 Fun Garden Wedding Lawn Games and Activities

Wedding lawn games are a great way to maximise the space of a garden wedding venue while giving guests great entertainment and a chance to mix and mingle.

40 Fun Garden Wedding Lawn Games and Activities

So you’ve started planning an incredible garden wedding, and you want to include various fun wedding lawn games and activities that all guests can enjoy. DIY wedding lawn games are a great way to get everyone laughing and interacting with each other, which is why we have collected a list of the top 40 wedding lawn games for you. 

The Top Wedding Lawn Games and Activities 

1. Wedding Piñata 

Consider ordering a custom piñata designed to match your wedding theme. For adults, fill piñatas with things other than candy, like small plastic bottles of alcohol or lotto tickets. 

2. HopScotch 

Hopscotch is a great way to get people moving and energised, and it’s a cost-effective game if there isn’t much room left in your budget. 

3. Giant Wedding Wheel for Dares 

Imagine the giant wheel from the TV show “The Price Is Right”, but instead of having prices, the wheel is covered in different dares that guests must do during the party. 

4. Giant Tic-Tac-Toe 

Tic-Tac-Toe using giant wooden pieces is an old classic that everyone knows how to play. Set up a leaderboard and let the tournament play out through the wedding reception! 

5. Giant Chess 

Chess is another traditional game that can also become a centrepiece for your garden wedding. You can also match the colours of the chess board and pieces with your chosen dress themes

6. Lego Competitions for Kids (or Adults) 

Set up a dedicated Lego space with a list of items for people to create. At the end of the party, vote on who made the most unique piece. 

7. Outrageous Card Games 

Consider putting an outrageous card game on each table for guests to have a go at, like Cards Against Humanity. 

8. Scavenger Hunts 

Hand out lists of items representing the relationship you have scattered around the property. The first person to locate everything wins a prize. 

9. Trivia Games 

Place a trivia questionnaire about the bride and groom on each seat. Whoever gets the most questions right at each table takes the table’s centrepiece home. 

10. Wedding Bingo 

Only let guests check off items other people sitting at their table have done, making the game double as an ice-breaker. 

11. Retro Arcade Games 

Hire a set of retro arcade games from everyone’s childhood, and see who can top the leaderboard at the end 

12. Assign Dares to Guests 

On each guest’s invitation, assign them a dare they must perform at the party with witnesses to spice things up. 

13. Giant Matching Tile Games 

Matching tile games are another great way to start a competition, especially if pairs or groups have to run in and snatch up as many as possible before the others do. 

14. Ring Toss 

The ring toss game reflects the theme of wedding rings, and it’s a simple game that everyone can join in on. 

15. Outdoor Bowling 

Choose between outdoor bowls or ten-pin bowling on the lawn, and let the guests jump in throughout the reception. 

16. Photobooth Competitions 

Create a dedicated photo booth area, and hang a list of photo themes or poses for people to attempt. A panel of judges can then decide who took the best shots.  

17. Set Up a Coconut Shy 

Let guests try and hit coconuts using wooden balls from a distance for a chance to win unique prizes. 

18. Slingshot Games 

Set up a giant slingshot with targets at various distances. For extra fun, guests can slingshot water balloons at volunteers from the wedding party. 

19. The Shoe Game 

Sit the newlyweds front and centre, and let the emcee or guests ask them questions about one another to see who knows more. 

20. Croquet 

Croquet is a good game that doesn’t get anyone sweating for a more relaxed entertainment option. 

21. Bean Bag Toss 

Bean bag toss, also called the cornhole game, is another cost-effective entertainment option that gets people moving around without working up a sweat. 

22. Ladder Golf 

Set up numerous ladders at different distances with points allocated to each. Then, see who can get the most points by throwing and hooking bolas on the ladders. 

23. Frisbee golf 

Set up baskets around the lawn for people to target with frisbees, but keep some distance from the tables to avoid accidents. 

24. Giant Dominoes 

Adults and children alike can enjoy a game of classic dominoes, or they can practice making unique lines of toppling dominoes. 

25. Garden Yahtzee 

A game of garden Yahtzee using giant dice will get players up on their feet instead of playing at a table. 

26. Jenga 

Jenga is an excellent DIY wedding lawn game, as you can make the pieces yourself to any size you prefer. 

27. Hula-Hooping Competitions 

Add a surprise hula hooping competition on the dance floor to encourage more guests to get up and shed their inhibitions.

28. Garden Cricket 

Cricket is a favourite Australian pastime, making it a natural addition to any outdoor wedding entertainment. 

29. Prosecco Pong 

Forget beer pong when you can drink in style while everyone looks their best on your wedding day. 

30. Wedding Tug-of-War 

A great way to get people mingling, organise competitions between families, guests vs the bridal party, and more. 

31. Twister Competitions 

Combining a wedding reception with twister is guaranteed to elicit laughs from your guests while creating a laid-back vibe. 

32. Wedding I Spy 

I Spy is great for entertaining children and letting them explore the yard during speeches. 

33. Cocktail Making Competitions 

One person from each table has to make the best cocktail, with the bridal party acting as judges. 

34. Giant Connect Four 

Get adults and kids playing Connect Four together for the ultimate family-friendly entertainment. 

35. Sack Races 

Sack races encourage everyone to let their inner child out, and team relays can help the bride’s and groom’s families connect. 

36. Mini Golf 

While there might not be space for a driving range, setting up some Mini-putt greens provides low-energy entertainment for everyone. 

37. Badminton 

Badminton can keep energy levels high while making the most of the outdoor space. 

38. Mad Libs for Couples 

Create a wedding template based on the newlyweds, and let guests fill in the essential details to create a wild and funny story. 

39. A Newly-Wed’s Crossword 

Create a crossword filled with facts and questions about the newlyweds and their history, and place one at each guest’s seat. 

40. An Old-School Dance Off 

If there is a dance floor, then there is no reason why guests shouldn’t show off their moves. Crown a dance-off king and queen at the end. 

Wedding lawn games are a great way to add entertainment while getting everyone mixing and mingling with one another. Wedding reception lawn games are almost as crucial for setting the mood and atmosphere as finding an excellent venue. Follow Navarra Venues on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for more on wedding planning strategies. Contact the team today if you are ready to plan a fantastic wedding experience.

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