Stunning Garden Wedding Dress Ideas For Your Guests

Planning a garden wedding? Include these options for a stunning garden wedding dress for guest lists. Create a magical night and unforgettable photos.

Stunning Garden Wedding Dress Ideas For Your Guests

If you are hosting a wedding soon, one of the most helpful steps you can take for your guests is suggesting attire ideas. When you send invitations to the guest list, include the following add-ons:

  • Concrete, general directions about the aesthetic of the event
  • The dress code
  • The predicted weather for the day

You may also want to share suggestions of a garden wedding dress for the guest list “yeses.” Offer specific ideas for clothing pieces or patterns people can wear to the event for a slew of benefits to help you and your invitees.

The Benefits of Suggesting Dress Ideas for Guests

Encourage recipients to say “yes!” to your invitation by reducing the stress they associate with coming to your event. When you make finding a wedding guest dress for people attending easier, you’re not only helping your wedding guests but also yourself. Having a say in attire helps you better curate your event’s vibe.

Encourage attendees to choose guest dresses in specific colours, cuts, and prints, and improve the night’s cohesive feel. You also won’t have to pay extra for more decor. Allow your guests to blend into the beautiful backdrop and take full advantage of a venue’s natural beauty.

Finally, when you pick options for a garden wedding dress for guest list members, you can maximise the chances you love your wedding photos and make them into art pieces.

Are you planning a garden wedding? Send out options inspired by the following list of popular summer wedding guest dresses, with instructions to pick a garden wedding dress for guest attendees.

Types of Dresses to Suggest

When you offer a list of potential dresses, these categories make the most sense for a spring or summer wedding. Whether you have a beach wedding or a formal gathering at an estate, these include appropriate options for all outdoor weddings.

Floral Dresses

Suggest dresses in floral patterns to play up a garden’s feminine, flowery feel at your spring or summer wedding. A floral outfit is an excellent option for a garden wedding dress for guest attendees because it helps you highlight the inherent theme associated with the venue. 

Consider whether you want attendees in bright, bold, colourful floral prints that are eye-catching and fun. Alternatively, consider subtle small, realistic flowers with greenery on a floral print dress. Also, you can look into what flowers grow in the garden and see if you can find dresses featuring those flowers.

Lace Dresses

Lace dresses are a good option for a more formal wedding. There are also beautiful semi-formal lace dress options, too.

First, choose the colour for the lace. Avoid white if the bride is planning to wear white (since many bridal gowns are white lace). Also, get clear about the length of the lacey dress. 

Lace dresses are the right option to suggest to your guest list if you want a garden wedding with a fancy, romantic, lovely ambience.

Maxi Dresses

If you choose a garden wedding venue that is slightly challenging to navigate (i.e., the terrain is hilly), consider offering maxi dress options.

Maxi dresses can be the most comfortable style of garden wedding dress for guest list members who attend because they are easy to walk in and will cover flat shoes, which enables easier movement. 

Here’s how to hone in on the right maxi garden wedding dress for guest invitations:

  • Backyard garden wedding: casual maxi dress options, including those made of cotton or jersey.
  • Formal garden wedding: silk gown or a chiffon dress.

Maxi dresses can be straight and understated, or they can be ornate, ruffled, and intricate. They can have turtlenecks or plunging necklines. Choose ones that best match the level of ornateness and lushness of the garden venue.

Pastels and Bright Color Dresses

Fabulous pastels and bright dresses are the right wedding dress options for spring and summer to make your wedding energised and fun. Light, playful tones match the season or theme of your evening.

Choose options for a short dress if the event is in a more casual garden setting. Alternatively, offer choices that can be worn at an elegant, chic, formal wedding or with a romantic feel.

One of the best aspects of colourful dresses is that they bring energy and levity to a gathering.

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