How to Organise an Event: What You Need to Know

Wondering how to organise an event? You’re in the right place!

How to Organise an Event: What You Need to Know

Wondering how to organise an event? You’re in the right place! 

A lot of planning goes into throwing an event. The key to a successful event is preparation. You must cover all bases and prepare for anything! Then when the event comes around, all you’re left to do is enjoy it. This is our ultimate guide to planning your next event.

At Navarra venues we have a venue for any occasion. In this article, we highlight everything you need to check off your list. 

How to organise an event

We’ve taken the guesswork out of how to organise an event by coming up with everything you need to know and compiling it into a simple list, which you can find below:

Establish your concept

Before you can begin booking vendors you need to establish your concept. What is your event for? What do you hope to achieve? Are you planning to have an event theme? Who is your audience? These are all questions you need to ask yourself. Once you’ve established this you can move onto the next steps on our ‘how to organise an event’ list!

Make a master plan

Once you land on a concept you can begin developing a master plan. This is like a giant checklist containing every task you need to complete to make your event come alive. It helps to have a visual guide of exactly what you need to achieve and by when. Your master plan will help keep you on track!

Create a budget

Making a budget is not so fun but it is necessary. Do not (I repeat DO NOT) plan your event without a budget. Financial miscalculations can be stressful, and having a budget helps you avoid this. A budget also ensures you have enough cash flow to go around, covering the cost of all the things you planned to have at your event to make it a success.  A budget is your guide, it helps you visualise money distribution. 

Decide on a date and pick a venue

These are two of the most crucial parts of the planning process. The venue is usually your largest expense, so choose wisely. Consider the location, time of year, accessibility, transport options, facilities and so on. It’s wise to choose your venue before confirming the date in case your dream venue is unavailable on your chosen date. 

Build your team

Depending on the type of event you’re throwing, you’ll likely need a team. You may even need some volunteers. Assemble your team early on so that you can distribute tasks. This can help ensure everything is organised, taking a lot of stress out of the equation for the organisers, i.e. yourself.. 

Book vendors

Your venue may include food, beverages, seating and staff, but consider what else you may need. Perhaps decorations, marketing materials, goodie bags, interactive activities and food trucks. This is why coming up with your concept first is important. It helps you identify any extras you may need.

Book entertainment or speakers

If you require a band, DJ or special speakers at your event then make sure you book them in advance. Popular entertainment can be booked months in advance so consider this early on. Double-check that your chosen speakers are a good fit for your event by checking out their previous work. 


After all the planning it would be a shame if your event was under-attended. So, you must promote it! Social media is a great way of doing this. You can use paid advertisements, free posting on your brand pages, hashtags and even the help of influencers. You may also want to go old school and make up some cool posters or a billboard. And, of course, there is TV and radio as well. Choose the platforms that are most likely to reach and engage with your audience.

Come up with a contingency plan

It’s important to remain realistic when planning your event. Even with the best planning, things can still go wrong. For example, the weather is out of your control. So, if you’re hosting an outdoor event then make sure there is plenty of cover. Other things can also get in your way, such as COVID-19 restrictions changing, or a speake pulling out at the last minute. Make sure you have backup plans for anything you think might go wrong. 

Carry out a final check

Make a final checklist and go over it 24 hours before the event. Make sure there isn’t anything you’ve forgotten or overlooked. Remind your speakers and entertainment of any final details. Make sure you have rubbish bins, signs to the toilets and anything else you might need. Going over these final checks helps to calm your nerves and hopefully leaves you to enjoy the event feeling confident in its success.. 

Find the right venue for your next event

Hopefully, we’ve answered a lot of your questions surrounding how to organise an event. By now you should be ready to plan your next event effectively. When it comes to choosing a venue, have a look at what we have to offer at Navarra Venues. We have a range of venues to suit all types and sizes of events around Sydney and we pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service. Give us a call to schedule a tour today. 

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