Top 5 Corporate Event Theme Ideas for Your Next Event

The best way to create interest in your corporate event is by choosing an exciting theme. It’s a great way to get people excited about attending

Top 5 Corporate Event Theme Ideas for Your Next Event

The best way to create interest in your corporate event is by choosing an exciting theme. It’s a great way to get people excited about attending. In the weeks leading up to the event, your office will be buzzing with people discussing their costume ideas. It also adds structure to the event, with decorations and activities. 

In 2021 it can be hard to think of fresh ideas, but don’t worry, Navarra Venues is here to help. We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 corporate event theme ideas. 

5 Corporate Event Theme Ideas

Consider one of these exciting themes for your next corporate event in Sydney:

Escape room

Theme’s go beyond just costumes and decorations, you can plan activities too. An escape room is a fun team-building exercise without being overly physical. Most escape rooms will have different themes themselves. For example, it may be a bank heist where your staff have to escape from the vault with the gold. They can come dressed as criminals or gangsters. Once they have escaped, they may walk into a room decorated in gold, with themed drinks and food. This is one of the corporate event theme ideas that will create lots of laughs and conversations for weeks to come. 

1920’s speakeasy

I know what you’re thinking, this corporate event theme has been done a thousand times! But it’s a classic so we had to include it in the list. The 1920’s was full of extravagant fashion and accessories. It is such a fun theme to dress for. You may like to create a secret entrance or password to your event. Not to mention disguised drinks, undercover police and lots of dancing. 

Secret garden

Think Alice in Wonderland, fairy tales and lots of flowers. This theme would work well for a daytime or outdoor event. You can create a beautiful entrance, covered in greenery and flowers. With delicate finger food and drinks covered in fairy floss. You might even hire a face painter. Be sure to have a photo booth for your attendees to capture the day. 

Painting with pinot

If you are planning a smaller corporate event, then an art class is a fabulous idea. Hire an artist, create a table with objects for your attendees to paint and provide everyone with a canvas and paint. Offer delicious wine and food whilst they’re painting, to keep things social. You can even offer a prize for the best painting. 

Wellness retreat

If you are looking to reward your employees for all their hard work, then try a wellness day. Corporate event theme ideas that involve yoga, massages and facials are always a hit! You can include healthy food and drinks, tips on cooking and living well. Goody bags filled with sporting goods, recipes, healthy snacks and more. Create a schedule for the day, with different activities for your attendees to choose from. You may like to hand it out a few days before so people can plan their day.

Plan your next event with Navarra Venues

There are so many fun corporate event theme ideas, and you’ll need a fabulous venue to go along with it. Check out our different venue options. We have plenty to choose from all over Sydney! 

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