Celebrate Your Little One with Unique Christening Venues in Sydney

Celebrate Your Little One with Unique Christening Venues in Sydney

Your child’s christening is not only a magical milestone but an enormous celebration for your friends and family. It’s a special day you will remember forever. Christenings are symbolic celebrations welcoming your new baby into your community. With so many christening venues in Sydney to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming. At Navarra Venues, we have helped many families find their perfect christening venue. In this article, we give you some advice on what to look for when choosing a venue and also provide four ideas of unique christening venues in Sydney. 

What to look for in a venue for a baby’s christening

Choosing the perfect christening venue in Sydney can be difficult, but don’t worry, we’re here to help you along the way. In order to be able to enjoy the day and take it all in, it’s important to find a venue that can manage your event, cater to your personal requirements and ensure it all runs smoothly. 

When choosing a venue to celebrate your little one’s baptism, here are a few things to consider:

A Family Friendly Space

You want your christening venue to cater to yourselves, but also all your family and friends, from the little ones running around to the proud grandparents. Key factors that make a good family-friendly event are activities, spaces for intimate family interactions, kids enjoyment and a wholesome atmosphere. Navarra Venues is still run by the Italian descendants of its founders from 1965. So, we know how to welcome a happy family with open arms.

A Picture Perfect Spot

During such a memorable occasion you may like your surroundings to be picturesque. Our christening venues in Sydney have enchanted gardens and breathtaking views, both inside and out. Having a gorgeous location ensures a great backdrop for keepsake photos.

Ideal For The Number of Your Guests

There are many things to consider when choosing the right sized christening venue for your guests. You may fall in love with the decor or the stunning gardens, but when it comes down to it you want something practical. Estimating your guest count accurately is your first step, a room can feel empty or crowded if not fitted for the number of attendees. A room can easily seat one hundred for a dinner but two hundred for a mingling freestyle event.

Our top picks for christening venues Sydney

Below we will take you on a tour through four of our remarkable venues:

The Den (Conca D’ oro)

The unique Den (Conca D’oro) located in Riverwood Sydney is something to behold. The room has high ceilings and magnificent designer fixtures throughout. The grandiosity will be sure to awe your guests and provide a lovely place to capture magnificent photos of the christening celebrations.

Glass House (Le Montage)

The Glass House (Le Montage) is sure to impress, located in Lilyfield on the waterfront overlooking Iron Cove Bay. The waterfront ballroom has native gardens which can be viewed from the outdoor terrace. The beauty of the water and gardens will make this a beautiful scene for your child’s christening.

Elizabeth Suite (Oatlands House)

The Elizabeth Suite (Oatlands House) is located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. It’s the perfect, centrally located christening venue in Sydney. This venue is unique as it has three ballrooms. The Garden Ballroom, The Georgian Grand Ballroom, and The Rose Suite. All rooms are open-plan letting in natural light to shine in on your baby’s christening. It even has a unique french bay window overlooking the rose garden.

Sabrina’s View (Curzon Hall)

This well-known sandstone castle, Sabrina’s View (Curzon Hall) offers a true fairytale experience. Antique fireplaces, wrap-around terraces, and crystal chandeliers make the place feel whimsical. If hosting a christening in an elegant castle laced with elaborate detail sounds ideal, then this is the venue for you!

Celebrate With Us

Navarra Venues has some of the greatest christening venues in Sydney on offer. We provide managed events in picturesque settings. Our team of professionals endeavour to deliver impeccable dining and cater to your unique individual needs. So, let us take all the work off your hands while you experience all the delightful emotions of the day. 

Let us help get you started organising your magical day by enquiring now.

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