5 Ways To Celebrate Your Corporate Fundraising Event

Companies need corporate fundraising ideas to help connect with their communities, benefit charities, and demonstrate commitments to social responsibility.

5 Ways To Celebrate Your Corporate Fundraising Event

A survey from April 2021 shows that 24% of Australian employees are looking for new job opportunities[1]. After months of hard work striving for a fundraising goal, give your employees a way to relax with a corporate fundraising event that shows your appreciation. Showing that you care about their efforts could encourage some of your most valued employees to stay with you instead of hunting for new jobs.

The following corporate fundraising event ideas will help get people excited about your company and its goals while making sure their efforts get noticed.

Silent Auctions

A silent auction makes a great corporate fundraising idea because you can ask organizations and individuals to donate items. That way, all the money you raise goes directly to your chosen charity.

Typically, a silent auction takes place as part of a larger event. They make an excellent way to close the evening and send people home feeling excited.

Benefit Concerts

Benefit concerts bring people together to enjoy live music. Your company can raise money by selling tickets or asking for donations during the event. You could even connect the concert with a silent auction, selling raffle tickets, and other ways to raise money for a good cause.

Find a popular local band to get more people to the concert (they might only ask to put out a tip jar for payment). If that’s not possible, try hosting a karaoke night.

Golf Tournaments

Golf tournaments raise funds by asking participants to pay entry fees. You can often convince more people to sign up by offering prizes to those who perform best.

You will need to reserve a golf course for this fundraising event, so talk to popular places that golfers enjoy.

Wine Tastings

Australia has a thriving wine industry that produces more than 1.2 billion litres per year[2]. Team up with a local vineyard for a wine tasting. You can charge an entry fee, include a raffle, and add other fundraising ideas to the party.

Bingo Nights

Bingo night is a low-cost way to raise money and support your corporate social responsibility efforts. Ask local businesses to donate prizes so you can dedicate more money to your fundraisers.

Here Are Some Tips for Planning Your Event!


Be Creative

How will you get more participants to the venue? Get together with colleagues to brainstorm ideas.

Make It Fun

Whether you host a casual party or a date night, emphasize fun and the good you want to do for the community.

Set an Achievable Goal

Setting an achievable goal motivates people to give.

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Companies need corporate fundraising ideas that help them connect with their communities, benefit charities, and demonstrate commitments to social responsibility. Instead of simply asking for donations, your donors get something fun to do for their money.

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