5 Navarra’s Most Sought After Formal Venues in Sydney

5 Navarra’s Most Sought After Formal Venues in Sydney

If you are planning a wedding in Sydney, finding the perfect venue should be the first item on your to-do list. Australia’s “Harbour City” is a desired destination for adventurous couples planning their wedding. Couples can bring their wedding vision to life with the help of one-of-a-kind wedding venues in Sydney. If you plan on hosting an upscale event for your family and friends, then you should know your options for formal venues in Sydney.

Navarra Venues creates elegant settings for weddings and events. Navarra has 47 years of experience crafting unmatched experiences for couples on their wedding day. Read through this list of Navarra’s most popular formal venues in Sydney to get inspiration and ideas for your upcoming wedding.

Classic Ballroom 

Nothing speaks of timeless elegance like a classic ballroom wedding venue. Navarra’s flagship venue Conca D’Oro holds a classic ballroom space with dazzlingly grand features. The ballroom can fit up to 500 guests comfortably with a dance floor.

Enter the ballroom from a luxurious private foyer featuring solid oak accents and a welcome drinks area for your bridal party. The ballroom has a spacious open floor plan so your guests can feel comfortable mingling and dancing the night away. If you are looking for a classic style wedding venue in Sydney, you can customise the classic ballroom in Conca D’Oro to fit your vision for your wedding.

See a real wedding reception hosted at Conca D’Oro photographed by Mark Jay Photography here!

The Renoir 

The Renoir venue has ornate details that set a glamourous tone for your wedding. Whether you desire a more intimate affair or an extravagant gathering, the Renoir can create the perfect ambience for any event. The inviting Renoir space has room for up to 270 guests and a dance floor. The ballroom has a more intimate feel with silver patterned diamond wallpaper and large ornate mirrors lining the walls. Invite your bridal party and family for welcome drinks in the attached foyer and enter the ballroom to get your party started!

Lady Mary’s Pavilion 

If you and your fiance are searching for a wedding venue that feels grandiose, yet inviting, Lady Mary’s Pavilion fits that description. Lady Mary’s Pavilion in Navarra’s Curzon Hall boasts a pillar-less space and modern accents. The space has custom crystal chandeliers and an outdoor promenade area with garden views.

The Pavilion features a bright colour palette and stunning natural light. Including the use of the in-built parquetry dance floor, the ballroom holds nearly 600 guests for receptions. Lady Mary’s Pavilion blends elegance, modernity, and natural elements for the perfect wedding space.

Russell Stafford Photography captured Ron and Haydee’s elegant wedding at Curzon Hall

Sir Philip Lounge 

The Sir Philip Lounge is the perfect modern space to hold up to 200 guests with banquet seating. The ballroom exudes contemporary elegance and has modern touches that complement any event. With exclusive views of the gardens outside, the lounge includes an outdoor terrace and a welcome drinks area for guests. If you are looking for a ballroom setting with more contemporary features, the Sir Philip Lounge is the perfect space for your event.

Montage Ballroom 

Navarra’s Montage Ballroom houses grand events and features vaulted ceilings and elegant drapery. The Montage Ballroom can fit up to 1500 guests and has designer interiors and grandiose crystal chandeliers. You can pamper your guests with 180-degree water views and two outdoor terraces, plus a welcome drinks area for guests.

The Montage Ballroom offers a comfortable yet opulent setting for weddings of any size. If your guest count is above 500, the Montage Ballroom sets the stage for a large event with room for each guest.


Each of the venues on this list offers different options for formal weddings in Sydney. The classic ballroom is highly customizable and can adapt to any wedding design. The Lady Mary’s Pavilion instead offers natural elements that bring to life the colours and decor of your wedding. Choosing a formal venue for your wedding ensures your guests have an amazing experience during your wedding.

Formal wedding venues bring an opulent feel to any wedding or event. Ballroom spaces are versatile and couples can customise them to fit their theme, accents, colours, and vision for their wedding. Where do you envision your dream wedding taking place? Navarra Venues can help craft the perfect atmosphere for a wedding to remember. Reach out with any questions and for more information on any of these formal venues in Sydney.

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Navarra Venues create memorable experiences for all gatherings. From waterfront venues to garden vistas, Navarra’s event spaces set the scene for sophisticated events of all kinds. Contact Navarra to learn more about the venue options.

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