9 Types of Catering Services You Need to Know About

9 Types of Catering Services You Need to Know About

Food is the heartbeat of every event. When you want to hire a catering service for your event, you must first decide, ‘What are my event’s culinary needs and preferences?’ Catering services play a pivotal role in setting the tone for any gathering, from elegant weddings to corporate conferences and everything in between. They are the culinary architects behind the scenes, orchestrating a symphony of flavours and presentations that can make or break an event. Join us as we explore nine types of catering services you need to know about, each suited to different tastes, occasions, and dietary requirements.

1-Full-Service Catering

Full-service catering is the gold standard of catering services, designed to provide a comprehensive dining experience that leaves no detail overlooked. When you opt for full-service catering, you’re not just hiring a team to prepare and serve food; you’re enlisting a group of professionals dedicated to handling every facet of your event’s culinary journey.

From the initial planning stages to the moment your last guest departs, full-service caterers take care of it all. They collaborate with you to design a customised menu that suits your preferences and dietary needs. On the day of the event, they handle setup and table arrangements and ensure a seamless flow of service. Throughout the event, attentive staff are at your guests’ beck and call, ensuring everyone’s needs are met. After the last plate is cleared, they handle the cleanup, leaving you free to bask in the afterglow of a successful event.

Full-service catering is ideal for those seeking a hassle-free, top-tier dining experience for their weddings, corporate events, or any gathering where exceptional service and cuisine are paramount.

Here’s a list of services caterers provide for a full-service event.

  • Food preparation and cooking
  • Menu planning
  • Food delivery and setup
  • Staffing
  • Clean-up
  • Rentals (tables, chairs, catering linens)
  • Insurance of equipment
  • Permits

Before hiring caterers, remember to take quotations from different service companies. To avoid mismanagement, make sure to check out their customer reviews, previous event experiences, and qualifications.

2-Wedding Catering

Wedding Catering is a specialised catering service for wedding or bridal receptions. Wedding caterers primarily provide services of preparing food, following up the menu, transportation and setup, staffing, clean up after the event and rentals of crockery. Considering the budget, number of guests, and food quality is essential when hiring a wedding catering service. 

Different service companies provide a variety of wedding catering services, such as;

  • Sit-Down Catering: This is the perfect choice for formal and small weddings. Food is presented on the tables of the guests.
  • Buffet Catering: Buffet catering is a good option for large wedding gatherings.
  • Private Chef Catering: It is one of the most expensive catering services in which you hire a personal chef for cooking or culinary.
  • Restaurant Catering: If you want to reserve a spot for your small event, restaurant catering is best for you.

3-Corporate Event Catering

Corporate event catering is the art of blending culinary excellence with the demands of the business world. Whether you’re hosting a conference, seminar, product launch, or corporate gala, this catering type is tailored to meet the specific needs and expectations of a professional audience.

At the heart of corporate event catering is versatility. Caterers in this category understand that corporate events come in various shapes and sizes, each requiring a unique approach. They’re adept at creating menus that accommodate diverse dietary preferences, ensuring that everyone from top executives to team members finds something to savour.

Efficiency is also a hallmark of corporate event catering. These caterers are skilled at delivering timely and streamlined service to keep your agenda on track. Whether it’s a working lunch, coffee break, or an elaborate evening banquet, they work discreetly to ensure the culinary component of your event enhances productivity and engagement.

As such, corporate event catering isn’t just about serving food; it’s about helping you make a positive impression, foster connections, and achieve your business objectives. It’s the behind-the-scenes partner that ensures your event is not only well-fed but also well-received by your professional audience.


4-Social Event Catering

Social event catering is a specialised catering service tailored not only for personal celebrations but also for a wide spectrum of events. This versatile catering style extends its expertise to conferences, seminars, corporate events, and business meetings, ensuring that attendees are fully satisfied. In professional settings, social event caterers understand the importance of keeping guests engaged and focused, offering menus that cater to diverse tastes and dietary preferences.

Moreover, social event catering plays a vital role in donation events and charitable fundraisers. Caterers collaborate closely with event organisers to create menus that align with the event’s purpose, fostering an inviting atmosphere that encourages generous contributions. In all these scenarios, social event catering remains committed to enhancing the overall experience through exceptional food and seamless service, making it an indispensable aspect of a successful gathering, regardless of its nature or goal.

5-Buffet Catering

Buffet catering is a casual catering service where all the dishes are settled on the table and food area. And guests can serve themselves whatever they want to eat. Buffet catering offers food varieties, self-service, easy monitoring, and less food waste.

Buffet catering is flexible for various events such as corporate events, bridal catering, social events, parties, and seminars. Buffet catering is cost-effective and based on easy setup. Overall, this setup offers a great deal for you! 

6-Plated Dinner Catering

Plated catering is one of the most formal types of catering in which each guest is served a single plate of food. Plated dinner catering is more elegant, so you should have a proactive approach to having the best food according to the guest’s taste. 

Plated dinner services depend on the type of guests, event location, guest interaction and level of the services. Plated dinner catering is more expensive than a buffet or full-time catering service. But it looks more professional and elegant in the case of corporate meetings and conferences.

If you plan for plated dinner catering, you must review the budget, menu, food quality, and guest preferences beforehand. Keep a check on each of these aspects for a successful event. 

7-Cocktail Party Catering

Cocktail parties are suitable for celebrity occasions, product launches, networking events, business receptions, and vacation parties. Cocktail party catering requires a variety of cuisine and dishes according to guest preferences. It is the most casual option in case of minor or personal events.

Most cocktail parties have a menu of appetisers, snacks, desserts, or cheesecakes. So you have to be careful about food and choose a dish that guests find suitable for eating while standing.

No matter your party theme, you can recreate an easy menu so everyone enjoys it!

8-BBQ and Outdoor Catering

BBQ catering is a suitable option for small events like BBQ parties, friend’s meetups, and vacations. Grilled delights are tantalising for everyone, kids and adults alike! 

So, you can use a food menu according to your budget, like grilled burgers, hot dogs, steaks and grilled shrimp. But in the case of seafood, it could be expensive if you are tight on budget. You also need an adaptable setup for weather swings. You can also opt for a BBQ truck catering service for outdoor parties and events.

9-Food Truck Catering

When it comes to delivering mouthwatering cuisine right to your event’s doorstep, food truck catering takes centre stage. This unique dining experience brings the restaurant to you, allowing guests to order their favourites with ease. What sets food truck catering apart is its adaptability, making it an attractive choice for a wide range of events and locations. Event organisers often favour this option not only for its affordability but also for the convenience it brings to the table.

One of the key strengths of food truck catering is its ability to provide a diverse menu that caters to various tastes. However, it’s important to have a clear understanding of your event’s culinary requirements to ensure a seamless experience. Whether you’re hosting a music festival, corporate gathering, or a casual backyard party, food truck catering offers a quick and reliable service to keep your guests satisfied.

From savouring delicious tacos to indulging in creamy ice cream, or even relishing succulent lobster and BBQ delights, the choices are endless. They add a flavorful dimension to your event, turning it into a memorable culinary journey on wheels.

Savour Excellence with Navarra Venues

As you make your choice, remember that the right catering service can elevate your event from ordinary to extraordinary. Take into account your event’s unique needs, location, and guest list. With Navarra Venues, you have a partner ready to craft a culinary experience that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.To bring luxury and delight to your next event, contact us today. Your event’s culinary adventure, filled with exceptional flavours and service, is just a step away.

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