9 Classic Outdoor Games to Keep Kids Entertained at Parties

9 Classic Outdoor Games to Keep Kids Entertained at Parties

When it comes to planning a kid’s party, there’s something undeniably magical about taking the festivities outdoors. The open space, fresh air, and the sheer sense of adventure all contribute to making outdoor parties truly special. But what’s the secret ingredient that turns an ordinary gathering into a fun-filled outdoor extravaganza? It’s the games! Today, we’re going to share nine classic outdoor party games for kids that are guaranteed to turn your child’s special day into a memorable adventure filled with laughter, competition, and wholesome fun.

  1. Tag Games

Tag games are super fun for kids. It makes playing outside even more exciting for them. Kids run around with their friends, try to tag them, and have a blast. There are three cool tag games kids love:

i) Freeze Tag

In Freeze Tag, you must freeze like a statue when someone tags you. But guess what? Your friends can unfreeze you by tagging you again. It’s like a magical game of tags where you get to be a statue. And then a runner, all at once!

ii) Blob Tag

Blob Tag is like a puzzle game. When someone tags you, you join hands with the tagger and become a part of the “Blob.” A blob is a circular, elongated string of kids who have been tagged. The Blob continues to grow as it tags more friends. Let the kids work together to help their friends escape from the Blob. This game promotes teamwork and is an absolute blast!

iii) Tunnel Tag

Tunnel Tag is a tricky maze. If the tagger catches you in a tunnel tag, you must go through tunnels for free. But you have to watch out because tunnels can twist and turn. So, you have to be fast and clever to move out of the tunnel. It’s like a game of hide-and-seek where you have to be super sneaky to escape.

  1. Relay Races

In a relay race, different teams have to complete the targeted course or baton in minimum time to rule over others. So, you have to run, turn around quickly and then run back to reach the finish line. Three races are most popular among kids at parties:

i) Three-Legged Race

In a three-legged race, a team of two players tie their adjacent legs and run together. They must coordinate together to run forward. The three-legged race is a test of synchronisation and balance among the players.

ii) Sack Race

Sack races are classic games where kids wear sacks or bags. And then, they hop inside the sacks or bags to reach the finish line. It is a playful game but requires a great strategy for kids to maintain balance while hopping.

iii) Egg and Spoon Race

In this game, kids must balance an egg on a spoon and run on a specific course. They have to maintain a delicate balance. And this thing adds an element of challenge and fun to the game!

  1. Tug of War

In Tug of War, two teams confront each other against a rope. And each group is holding one end of a rope. The goal is to pull the opposite team along a defined line. The team that has more strength and coordination wins over the other.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

In this classic game, participants embark on a quest to uncover hidden treasures using cleverly crafted clues.

i) Creating clues and hiding spots

A scavenger hunt involves searching for hidden items based on clues. The party organisers arrange the crafts and clues so cleverly that it becomes challenging for participants to figure out the solutions. So, you need problem-solving skills to crack the clues!

ii) Themed scavenger hunts for added excitement

Themed scavenger hunts always add excitement to any regular party. This scavenger hunt will add excitement and mystery to your Christmas party or any popular event with all your family members. 

  1. Water Balloon Games

Water balloon games bring a splash of fun and excitement to any outdoor event. Here, we’ll explore two classic water balloon games that promise refreshing entertainment for kids and adults alike.

i) Water Balloon Toss

Two kids stand apart in the water, toss the balloon and throw the balloon to and fro. The game’s primary goal is to catch the balloon without bursting it. Whoever bursts it will lose the game.

ii) Water Balloon Piñata

Water Balloon Piñata is similar to a classic water balloon game. But in this game, the pinata is hanging up and enduring a surprise. So, participants must burst the water balloon to reveal the surprise.

  1. Obstacle Course

Obstacle course involves physical hurdles and obstacles to climb, crawl and jump over them. Kids have to pass through various hurdles and challenges to win. Obstacle Courses bring more fun to birthday parties.

i) Designing an age-appropriate obstacle course

As a party organiser, you must create hurdles appropriate to participants’ ages and abilities to make the game fun and exciting.

ii) Incorporating various challenges and obstacles

You can design obstacle courses with ropes, walls, tires, and other DIY materials. Climbing over the walls, crawling under the ropes, and navigating through the tires without falling apart are fun activities for kids’ parties.

  1. Kickball

Kickball is a mix of baseball and soccer. In this game, players kick a rubber ball and run bases to score points on the scoreboard. This is one of those party games that can keep the players hooked on the game for a good number of hours. So kickball is the finest recommendation if you are planning a long day of fun for your kid’s next birthday party!

Rules and gameplay of kickball

Kickball comprises two teams with basic tasks of kicking and fielding. Each team has to follow the following rules.

  • Kicking: A member of the kicking team stands at home plate and kicks the ball when the fielder rolls it. He runs to first base when the kicker kicks the ball along the fielding course.
  • Running Bases: Runners run toward the bases clockwise. And they try to reach each base without being tagged by the player or being touched by the ball. Baserunners run to other bases when the next batter kicks the ball.
  • Fielding: In fielding, the opposite team defends and tries to catch the ball in the air. So they have to stop the opposing team from scoring.
  • Outs and Innings: If the fielder catches the ball before the runner reaches the base, the runner is out. Each team gets three outs per inning. 
  • Scoring: When a player successfully rounds all bases and returns to base, he scores a point for the team

Setting up a kickball field

Set up a kickball field in a relatively simple way. You need the following

  • Bases placed in a diamond pattern
  • A designated pitcher’ mound
  • An open space for the outfield

You mark the distance between bases according to the age and skill level of the players.

  1. Capture the Flag

Splitting into teams and defining boundaries

In Capture the Flag, players are divided into two teams, and you have to set boundaries for each team’s territory.

Strategies and variations of the game

In this game, you must use attack, deployment, and defence strategies to defend your territory.

  1. Duck Duck Goose

Circle formation and gameplay

In Duck Duck Goose, all the kids sit in a circle. One kid walks around the circle, tapping heads and saying, “Duck, duck, goose.” When the kids say “goose” and tap on any kid in the ring, that child must chase all the fellows around the circle before being tagged.


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