Why I Love You?

Taking a leap of faith to commit to someone for the rest of your life is to some a big deal.

Why I Love You?

Taking a leap of faith to commit to someone for the rest of your life is to some a big deal. Do you find that you often ask the question quietly to yourself and wonder; Why do I love you?

Maybe now that couples have found themselves confined to their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic they are either more bound together or are finding they were not meant to go through with the whole marriage celebration. You might be in a situation where you are thinking of proposing but hibernation and cabin fever are making you rethink the whole relationship.

There are so many romantic love stories that have been written and I am sure you have watched every movie and are totally swept off your feet and are still seeing things through rose coloured glasses. This is what love does to you so I have been told. You feel this overwhelming sense of freedom like you have a new lease on life and you find yourself singing all the time because you feel happy.

“Where there is love there is life,” says Mahatma Ghandi

You are agonizing over what he thinks all the time or vice versa how you want to protect her, be with her every minute of the day. It is the same even if you are in a  same sex relationship as you will find your partner is constantly thinking about you and where you are or they want to pack their bags and leave. Oh my do they really want to do that? Love is love no matter your sex, colour or age.

Let us go through the motions of what it will take to make you want to propose?

Did I dare say the word out loud? Propose!! Why do I love you?

Let us write it out so we can tick it off like a check list and breathe because some reassurance is what we all need sometimes.

Twenty (20) Reasons why you love your partner:

  1.  They say it is all in the eyes and just by looking at me you make me melt
  2.  I can always be myself around you like no other person
  3.  You are my best friend as well as my lover
  4.  My stomach has butterflies and my heart is racing every time I see you
  5.  All my problems disappear when we are together
  6.  The best part is that you know me better than myself
  7.  I feel like when I am with you I can get through anything
  8.  I love that you love my crazy family
  9.  It’s so nice that you always find time for just the two of us
  10.  I love that you like to see me accomplish my goals by helping me
  11.  When I am in your arms that is home
  12.  Whenever I am in chaos I can always rely on you to keep me calm and find my inner strength
  13.  It is you that puts a smile on my face when nobody else can
  14.  A kiss from you in the morning is heavenly when I am still sleeping
  15.  You let me watch a chick flick when I know you hate them
  16.  I have learnt the true meaning of love through you
  17.  Your innate ability to protect and take care of me puts a smile on my face and gives me comfort
  18.  You make me want to be a better person
  19.  Trusting me unconditionally is key
  20.  Show me that you love me in everything you do for me means more to me than just saying the words

The list once you start to write it is unique to you and everything between the two of you and that is love. This is why you want to propose and this is why you need to hear me say it to you.

Even better I can make the day special by choosing one of Navarra Venue’s experiences. Why not choose a proposal at dusk located in the Georgian Garden Chateau Oatlands House.

Something completely different, out of the ordinary that any partner would be envious if they heard and it could be a story to tell your children for years to come.

Romantic Proposal – Say YES

Location: Garden Chateau, Oatlands House
Price: $2750*


  • 3 hour
  • Private dinner for Two (2)
  • Chef’s choice of a three (3)-course menu including a touch of seafood
  • Setting for a table of 2
  • Styled in Boho Chic, Romantic Rustic, Classic, Vintage and Luxe
  • Veuve Clicquot Champagne served in tall stemmed glasses
  • Background view of the Chateau venue space
  • Bouquet of Flowers for your partner
  • Black tie Private Butler
  • Free flowing Champagne and Wine for you to enjoy

*Terms and Conditions
In the event of wet weather your location will be moved within venue space. Limited dates available. 3 month booking timeline. Take the Journey with us. It is only available on select dates and applicable to the venue. Prices are subject to GST.

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