Outdoor Weddings on the Rise

Once you make the decision not to have a church wedding you are then open to the idea of an Outdoor Wedding.

Outdoor Weddings on the Rise

Once you make the decision not to have a church wedding you are then open to the idea of an Outdoor Wedding. This is where a number of factors come into play and you can select your venue based on the gazebo’s they have on offer, how you are permitted to style them and what season would suit this type of wedding.

More importantly you will be seeking good old-fashioned Australian outdoor elements including fresh luscious fauna with manicured gardens. Nature becomes part of the wedding backdrop. It is that spacious, fresh green feeling that you and your guests have the opportunity to experience and be part of your love story.

Whether 500 guests or 50 deciding to have an outdoor wedding is a daring proposition because it is the unknown upcoming weather conditions that you are gambling with once booked. There are many aspects that need to be taken into consideration but once executed perfectly with the help of your planner your dreams will become a reality.

Let me also quash the myth that having an outdoor wedding is cheap. This is not the case. When you start to put your own personal style and finishes, money will not be a topic of discussion.

When it comes to an outdoor wedding it is the backup plan that will be at the forefront of your mind. What if it starts to rain and that light drizzle becomes a downpour? What next?

The venue you choose will have to include your backup plan where you can move your guests inside to enjoy the ceremony and reception. If you still want to be outdoors with the rain then a marquee will need to be factored into the price. Otherwise a postponement date will need to be discussed.

These are some of the considerations that you will have to take into account and will need to be discussed with your Event Planner.

Outdoor Wedding Venues To Consider in Sydney

Sydney’s North West Curzon Hall Garden

Ceremony and Reception

Seating 200-600

The backdrop is a Castle and you want to use an outdoor setting for the ceremony. The Garden Chateau is the perfect location where you can comfortably seat small to large numbers of guests and not feel overwhelmed.

It’s Roman sandstone columns with wrought iron canopy are the perfect ceremony setting once draping is added. Finished with your ceremony guests can enjoy your reception in the great outdoors and you still manage to be married in a “castle” so to speak. Is it romantic? Absolutely. Beautifully manicured gardens amongst the sandstone castle adds the element that you are the Princess being whisked away by your Prince.

Seats 80-160

The signature geometrical criss-cross pattern and roman water feature will enhance any outdoor wedding ceremony and reception.

Seats 30-50

Your ceremony will be the talk of the town as the white gazebo with intricate garden-scape and original water feature sets an American southern style mood of good old fashioned style and elegance an outdoor wedding deserves, You are almost expecting your guests to be wearing bonnets with long full skirt dresses. This gazebo even though modern definitely takes you back intime.

Sydney’s Northwest Oatlands House

Seating 100-200

It is the Georgian Manor backdrop surrounded by stunning picturesque landscaped gardens that will be the backdrop selected for your wedding day.

Upon arrival you cannot miss the Oatlands Chateau. Its roman pillars and wrought iron canopy with sandstone bench seats make for a perfect ceremony and reception.

More Intimate Weddings for close friends and family with smaller numbers;

Seats 40-80

Seats 60-80

Seats 12

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