“Love Wins” for Better or Worse

“Love is love” as the saying goes. You do not know when you are going to fall in love and sometimes you are not even seeking love but it happens.

“Love Wins” for Better or Worse

“Love is love” as the saying goes. You do not know when you are going to fall in love and sometimes you are not even seeking love but it happens. Legally for a very long time couples of the same sex were not able to get married until December 17 where in Australia same sex marriage became legal – “love wins”.

The Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Act 2017, passed the Australian Parliament on December 7, 2017 and received royal assent from the Governor-General the following day.

Love wins and in doing so there are several tips to consider when planning a same sex marriage.

Traditions Can Be Challenged

Same Sex marriage means that traditions do not really come into play and you can have a wedding any way you want it to be. Thinking of walking up the aisle unaccompanied then this will be your choice to make this happen. Silk ties can be tossed instead of a your usual garter throwing. Share a wedding party rather than your typical bridesmaids or groomsmen gathering. A celebration at your favourite venue or restaurant with a small, intimate group can be an evening not to be forgotten. Navarra Venues has a selection of eight (8) ‘Unique Event’ spaces ideal for such a special occasion.

Go Wild With Wedding Fashion

Same sex marriage means the style is totally up to you as it means two of everything whether it will entail two tuxes or two wedding dresses. The question could arise of whether it will be two of the same? Absolutely not is the answer because you will choose what tickles your fancy. One can choose to wear a tux and your partner might want to dress in a formal suit because a tux just isn’t his style. Whether glamorous or grunge this is your wedding and you can be as unique and you as you want to be.

Setting The Mood With Music

When considering some romantic love songs for your special day these songs are most popular with same sex couples and a few samples are listed below. Music is something that is very individual so you and your partner will have lists of favourite romantic songs in your head that you would want to play throughout the wedding. You will need to choose background music, processional music as you walk up the aisle, recessional music as you walk back down the aisle and of course the first dance that is universal whether same sex or not. Last but not least let us not leave out cake cutting. At this point the music can be emotional or very uplifting to the point the guests can have a bit of a laugh.

· She keeps me warm by Mary Lambert

· Closer by Tegan and Sara

· What a Beautiful Day by Brett Avery

· All the lovers by Kylie Minogue

· Cool for the Summer by Demi Lovato

· I need a woman to love by Kesha

· Parenthesis by the Blow

· I’m Coming out by Diana Ross

· Let’s have a Kiki by Scissor Sisters

· Handsome Man by Matt Alber

· Take your Mama by Scissor Sisters

· Raise You Up/Just Be by Full Company

· Man! I Feel like a Woman by Shania Twain

· A Little Respect by Erasure

· He’s Funny That Way by Bob Dylan

· Love on Top by Beyonce

Party! Party! Party!

Upcoming celebrations will mean two of everything. Two bachelorette or two hen’s parties will be all the go. You can even choose to combine the buck’s night. If evening is not your scene then a nice lunch will suffice. A day scene with all your friends in a restaurant or venue of your choice filled with laughter and bubbly, wines, cocktails along with a menu to die for. Not to mention ending the lunch with your favourite sweets. Of course I would recommend our very own “The Lobby Sydney” along Iron Cove Bay. Stunning waterviews with a bar waiting that will cater to your tastes, wine, beer, spirits – the bar is open!

Guests are Top Priority

You want to make sure the venue you choose is very much a venue that will create a real sense of inclusion and be a place where it let’s down its guard and is open and friendly. Let’s face it even though the same sex laws have changed does not mean all people’s attitudes are as open. The stigma in some cases still exists which is hard to swallow but it’s the truth.

Get to know your venue manager and the staff who will be servicing your weddings. Reading testimonials people have written about the venue and how this chosen venue has fulfilled same sex marriage couples dream weddings. A supportive, welcoming, relaxed atmosphere is what you would like for yourself and your guests.

Ceremony Seating Traditions Get a Shake Up

As stated previously traditions go out the window in a same sex marriage and what is deemed appropriate in a Christian wedding you would have the bride’s

family sit on the left hand side and the groom’s on the right. This is where in a same sex marriage this idea goes out the window. What really happens in a same sex marriage is there are no sides and two become one and this is the way it should be when “love wins.”

Role-Setting Requires Communication

Special moments one can say are more defined in a traditional marriage than in a same sex marriage. Right from the start your wedding planner will need to have discussed with the Venue Manager, DJ, MC, photographer how you want to run the evening. Your typical straight wedding will have special moments that include the following; groom waits at the alter for the bride to walk down the aisle, best man will carry the rings, photographer will have certain poses he will have the bride and groom carry out, garter toss, bouquet toss, groom will look to give a speech on behalf of himself and talk about his new bride. Photographer will focus on pre-wedding shots of the bride rather than the groom but in a same sex marriage you will find that equal time is given. The focus on the wedding will be on the music, styling and the family and friends accepting “love is love”. Total equality!

Budget Dilemmas

As with all weddings sticking to a budget is of a main concern. In a same sex marriage the budget expenses will appear a little different. There will be two complimentary tuxedos or two wedding dresses. Usually the affair is a little more extravagant. Two of everything can blow out the budget especially if you want to also arrive in style whether Cadillac’s, hummers, limousines or Rolls Royce. This is a celebration where “love wins”. You have overcome all obstacles and the laws now reflect and acknowledge your marriage.

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