How to ‘Wedding’ in 2021

Weddings are not the same. Ah, what a shame. Or is it? This shake-up we’ve all experienced may just have been the best thing...ever!

How to ‘Wedding’ in 2021

Weddings are not the same. Ah, what a shame. Or is it? This shake-up we’ve all experienced may just have been the best thing…ever! With a new take on weddings, this has forced a shift in the ‘norm’, and finally got the wheels turning again. Looking at wedding celebrations with fresh eyes has resulted in a welcome change to not only event procedure, but expectations and budget. Less people has meant for larger styling budgets, and restrictions to dancing has meant for creativity when it comes to entertainment and alternate inclusions. Couples have been forced to reconsider the standard venue, the expected budgets, and most importantly, they have been forced to think creatively. 


No one person is the same. So why should every wedding be? Over the years, people have tended to merge their weddings into the same structure. Same type of menu, same type of entertainment, same run sheet. Now is your time to be different. Add your own flair to your special day. With nothing of the past expected anymore, choose to do what you want, how you want it. We’re leaving that all up to you !


Small is the new big! Even if you wanted to do big, it’s not possible, so why try? Don’t get upset over having to uninvite your mum’s second cousin because of family politics. It’s illegal now after all (*quiet cheering*). The more refined the guest list, the more you can play with styling and entertainment without having to blow a lot more cash than desired. Use the budget that would’ve been needed towards the extra guests, and put that toward your florals, and centerpieces. Any extra money saved from the wedding can go towards a beautiful *Australian* Honeymoon, right?


If there is one piece of advice we can give to ‘Wedding’ in 2021, it’s to get married regardless. Don’t set high expectations and go with the flow of what you can and can’t do. It’s important to remember the reason why you are getting married and having this wedding in the first place. It’s not about extravagance, or pleasing the people; it’s about the love of you and your partner. If you so desperately wanted a celebration, get married on your chosen date and consider a party in the near future. Just get married!

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