Getting Hitched in the Year 2020

The environment looks a lot different now when you decide to get hitched than a year ago in Sydney Australia due to the impact the coronavirus has had on weddings.

Getting Hitched in the Year 2020

The environment looks a lot different now when you decide to get hitched than a year ago in Sydney Australia due to the impact the coronavirus has had on weddings.

A wedding day has always been a celebration where family and friends join you to share the joy you feel between you and your partner as you legally tie the knot and set off on your journey as a married couple.

Weddings are under the microscope once again with new restrictions in Sydney set in on July 24, 2020 leaving a bad taste in your mouth if you are a bride wanting to get married during this global pandemic.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian over the course of this year has made several changes with weddings but the most recent change of numbers capped at 150 with “no singing, dancing or mingling,” permitted has left you as a bride feeling numb and miserable.

Let’s face it prior to that announcement you felt there was light at the end of the tunnel with all the stress you felt having to postpone your wedding day.

Just when you started to feel happy and alive again with all that stress put behind you the latest spread of the deadly virus takes a toll on your wedding day.

It is not the virus that will kill you but the disappointment, angst and stress having to tell some of your invited guests they can no longer attend. You and your partner have decided to have the wedding you can no longer continue to postpone.

You are strong, amazing and you still want to have your dream wedding and here are some tips to get you through the whole experience at this present time:

What will it mean if we plunge forward and get hitched?

  • Starts reviewing your guest list because as of now you are only permitted to have 150 people attend your wedding at your chosen venue in accordance with the one person per 4 square metre rule.
  • If you choose to have a wedding at home which is classed as a residential premise then no more than 20 visitors can attend unless the size of the premise is sufficient to ensure there is at least 4 square metres of space for each person on the premises.
  • Singing and that includes group singing and wind instruments can spread COVID-19 if a performer happens to be infected. It is recommended that group singing such as choirs be avoided as they are considered high risk. If you have either at the ceremony or reception ensure there are protections in place for guests including 3 metre distancing from performers.
  • Dancing has been banned with only the couple permitted to get on the dance floor and enjoy their first dance as husband and wife.
  • There is to be minimal mingling between people at different tables and no more than ten people permitted per table. When seating the guests venues are to seek to seat people from the same household next to each other, fitting everyone safely together.
  • Photos should preferably be taken before the ceremony rather than in-between the ceremony and reception to decrease the amount of time between each.
  • Physical distancing is still important before, during and after the wedding. Of course you want to hug each other because everyone is happy during this celebration but be mindful that the virus can easily spread by this action. Alternative ways to offer congratulations that does not involve close contact is via a guest book (digital guest book would be preferred) or recorded messages.
  • Styling changes have also been adopted by some venues while Navarra Venues will still keep cutlery and glassware on the tables as they professionally clean the cutlery.
  • Canapés are not permitted and it’s best practice to serve each guest separately. You can still choose to have canapés but it will mean the waiter will have to serve them silver style and you need to remain seated. This entails no shared plates or family style catering. Everyone is to remain seated.
  • QR codes are being implemented at venues as a record must be kept of names and contact details of all people attending, conducting or contributing to the wedding regardless if it is a residential or commercial property. Records to be kept for at least 28 days after the event to ensure contact tracing.
  • Travelling overseas for your honeymoon is out of the question as all overseas travel has been put on hold. Local honeymoons need to be planned and think of it in this way you will be supporting local business during this time.
  • If you already have booked travel there are some airlines that are giving credits to flights so touching base with them and your accommodation provider to see if this is an option for you. Regardless you can choose to go overseas and travel when the borders open.
  • A marquee falls under an indoor gathering and will remain capped at 150 people. Previously many wanted to set up outdoors but this is no longer a viable option.

“An indoor refers to a gathering within a single enclosed area (i.e an area, room or premises that is or are substantially enclosed by a roof and walls, regardless of whether the roof or walls or any part of them are permanent, temporary, open or closed.”

Virtual Guests

Have you asked your venue if they permit overseas or Sydney guests who cannot attend in person? Ask your venue if they have the facilities to include them in your wedding virtually. Navarra Venues is looking at offering this option to their brides with a slight twist.

Do Insurance Policies cover me?

In this environment wedding insurance policies will not cover wedding changes or any cancellations due to COVID-19. The policy will cover loss through all other areas such as fire, death or injury to the bride and groom.

As you are planning your wedding and contemplating getting out wedding insurance to protect yourself from wedding changes/cancellations due to COVID-19 you will not be covered, as the pandemic is a known event.

Shall I postpone or cancel in the month of August? Weddings booked in other months? What is my answer?

Brides note that changes are constantly being made if the Government notices further outbreaks in the community. Postponements later in the year or next year might be an option if your event was booked in for the month of August. Check with your Event Producer.

Postponing is a better option than cancelling if you are getting hitched as you will find that all this stress has now resulted in loss of your booking fee plus additional costs you might not have been aware of until now. August brides please breathe.

Brides booked in other months please sit tight until further information is provided by the NSW Government in regards to the limit on numbers and restrictions that are currently in place. We do not have definite answers for you at this present time beyond August and it is hard for us to predict what the future will hold for weddings. Currently in these unprecedented times you can proceed with your wedding if you have a total number of 150 family and friends attending.

Planning your future together?

To all our brides across the industry the advice is pretty clear. Coronavirus is a virus where a vaccine has not been found but we will have to learn to adapt and live with it. Every venue and its team want to help you celebrate your special wedding day.

Let us work collectively and be kind to one another to find the best possible solution to your situation.

Remember it is all about just the two of you and if you decide to proceed with your wedding it will be memorable and special during COVID-19. Hone in on the love between the two of you. Your wedding day will be memorable because it is your moment.

Feel free to express yourself and it is not that you do not understand that this virus is deadly and that it is people’s lives that are on the line it’s just that you envisioned your dream wedding and this picture has changed. Your love for each other has not changed. Start your journey on a positive note as I can guarantee you that along the way as a married couple you will face challenges and you can just say this is one you faced together from the start.

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