Coronavirus Wedding Day Options

You have been planning your wedding day it seems like forever. Since you were a little girl.

Coronavirus Wedding Day Options

You have been planning your wedding day it seems like forever. Since you were a little girl. Selecting and finally deciding who will be “the one” you will spend the rest of your life. All of a sudden you will need to postpone your date because your Wedding Planner/Producer says there is a World Wide Coronavirus pandemic. Now is the time to consider your Coronavirus (COVID-19) wedding day options.

The Government has put restrictions on what you can and cannot do with family and friends you have invited. You just want to break down and cry. Seriously you think this cannot be happening. The best thing you can do right now is keep the communication lines open with your Wedding Planner/Producer.

Of course you are panicking and just want to cancel the whole thing. The reality is that you do still want to get married. Is this going to be possible?  The answer is YES.

Scott Morrison the Prime Minister has even said, “In these challenging times we want customers to be able to get what they’ve paid for while also helping businesses to stay in business so that when this is all over they can bounce back.

“I’d suggest customers talk to those wedding suppliers about whether they can find a later date so people can celebrate their big day and so businesses know they’ve got work to look forward to when these difficult times have passed.

  • The Government has provided advice and your Wedding Planner is on standby to help. All you need to do is breathe and read through the following points;
  • No screaming at my Event Planner/Producer we are all in the same boat.
  • Stay calm as Navarra Venues is working through the Government legislation and we are trying to accommodate you as best we can.
  • Do you know the Government legislation keeps changing?
  • Do you want to have a virtual ceremony and then the wedding reception when all this is over?
  • What date is suitable to you once events resume and restrictions dropped?
  • Tell me how we can make this day special?
  • What had I planned so far and let us talk about what still needs to happen with my postponed date in place.
  • I am looking forward to my wedding day and need your guidance.

It is the whole uncertainty of the situation as wedding producers/planners provide advise to brides to postpone their wedding date. They want the brides to be prepared and follow the news closely. The communication lines need to be open with vendors and guests. If you had not employed a wedding planner now is the time to do it because you will need their help as you will have to navigate your way out of this situation.

What you need to do is keep your eye on the end goal and that is to get married. Your day will come and it will be beautiful and everything you had dreamed. At Navarra Venues we tell our brides that it is just a matter of when your day will arrive.

Discuss with family and friends

The affects that COVID-19 is having on your family and friends will need to be discussed with them so that you can take into consideration what new date will be suitable especially if your family or any of your guests are flying in from abroad. Your postponement will affect everyone not only yourself. You will need to think about how much time they will need to make adjustments on their end to be able to make your new wedding date.

Consult Your list

Everyone on your list will need to be consulted. Your wedding Producer/Planner, your chosen venue that holds your deposit, catering team, entertainment including dancers, musicians, photographer and video team. You need to start thinking about a date that everyone can enjoy and feel safe celebrating your special moment. The sooner the better. A popular wedding venue that does numerous weddings a year might not be able to fit you in until next year unless a day of the week is chosen. Navarra Venues Event Producers offer days of the week to accommodate anyway they can. As long as you are transparent then they can work with you.

Re-organise to accommodate

You will need to go through various dates after you have spoken to your family and friends to see if the venue has it available, family and guests travelling will need to re-book the hotels and their accommodation. Event Coordinators at Navarra Venues are then reaching out to all the suppliers to see if they can accommodate the new dates. The aim of your Event Producer/Planner is to make the changes that will have the least financial impact. Think of worst case scenarios and then talk it through with your Event Producer/Planner. Place all your fears and anxieties on the table in regards to your signed contracts and simply work it out!

You will get married eventually just hang in there

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